Walter Nemacheck

Resided in Escanaba, MI
Died March 17, 2008

Walter Frederick Nemacheck, 98, died Monday afternoon, March 17, 2008, at the Marquette County Medical Care Facility in Ishpeming following a short illness.
Walter was born October 16, 1909, at Bessemer, Michigan, the second son of Frank D. and Eleanor (Brooks) Nemacheck. His twin brother, Alton Josiah, died shortly after their birth. He was raised in Bessemer and was a 1927 graduate of A.D. Johnston High School. He continued his education at Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin, graduating in 1932 with a Bachelors degree and major in physics and chemistry.

He returned to Bessemer after graduation and began teaching high school science classes at his alma mater. On August 9, 1938, he married fellow teacher Elizabeth Ethel Rosemurgy at the Bessemer Methodist Church.

Shortly after, he opened

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    Dear Fred, Dave, Bill and families,
    I am the daughter of Stuart Foltz (a son of your mom’s sister, Mae), so Walt was my great-uncle. I have fond memories of visiting Uncle Walt and Aunt Ethel in Bessemer as a child. One visit in particular stands out in my mind: I was about 10 years old and had gotten a new rock tumbler in which I was very interested. When I told Uncle Walt about it, he got all excited and took me out to his workshop, where he showed me rocks of all different kinds and colors and explained to me how he cut them into beautiful pieces. I had never seen anything like it and it made a big impression on me – in fact, the cut piece of rock he gave me that day still sits on my counter as a paperweight! Uncle Walt always took the time to talk to me about my interests like that, even when I was a little kid. He seemed to have an endless supply of fascinating knowledge to share, and he always did so with that kind, enthusiastic twinkle in his eye. What a special person he was. Please accept my sincere sympathy.

    Amy Foltz Copeland
    Belleville, WI

    Great Uncle Walt was a truly fascinating person. I recall well the many stories he would share with me, my brother, and my sister. The best part of such stories was that Walt always told them slowly and in a manner that made you snicker. He would time them, you see, watching your facial reactions and adjusting his storytelling in response to what you were doing–all the while smiling, of course. Uncle Walt seemed to be a natural storyteller–the kind of person who knew how to woo and cajole and watch an audience with delight. I chuckle admiringly whenever I think of him.

    Michael Foltz
    New York, NY

    I work at Marquette county medical care facility as a nurses aide, and had the privelidge of taking care of Walter. I will never forget his smile that lit up a room and his very powerful spirit. May you find comfort and peace in each other as you celebrate Walters life.

    Michelle Beaudin
    Gwinn, MI

    Although I never met Mr. Nemacheck, I heard many stories about him from Bill, his son, who was CEO of Marquette General Hospital, where I worked for 13 years. My sympathies and prayers go out to you, Biil, and Patti, and your family at this time. God bless you all.

    Mike Baldock
    Lansing, MI

    Mr. Nemacheck was my fifth and sixth grade teacher at Barber School in Bessemer. He was a wonderful, careing man and loved by all of the students. He was the first male elementary teacher in the system and a novelty which we were all fortunate to have. He especially loved to read to us, and I believe that love of reading he passed on to me and the other fifth and sixth graders. He also told us about his travels out west. Many of us were from poor mining families and his travel tales gave us a longing to one day travel ourselves.

    My sympathy to all–especially to Bill who was my classmate.

    God Bless


    Renee’ Marie Annear
    Bessemer, MI

    Walt and Ethel were wonderful neighbors and we enjoyed many chats over the cedar hedge. They were so wonderful to our eight children. We really missed them when we moved to Ironwood. Our condolences to your family.

    Jan and Dolly Erickson
    Ironwood, MI

    I grew up next door to Walt and Ethel. They were wonderful neighbors with a beautiful flower garden. As a teenager I worked at McDonalds and they would visit every morning. Their love for each other was wonderful to see-they were a good example. When my family moved to Ironwood in 1989 our wonderful neighbors were very much missed. My condonlences to the entire Nemacheck. Your father/grandfather/great-grandfather was well loved.

    Liz Erickson
    Ironwood, MI

    It has been many years now since I’ve seen Walt but I remember Walt in the hardware store in Bessemer. Son Fred was my body guard in high school. Watched a lot of TV in the early days at their house, good memories. What a wonderful long life Walt had and my best wishes to all the family during this time.

    Jim Maccani
    Cedar Rapids, IA

    To Dave,

    Sorry to read about your Dad’s death. He was an impressive scholar…I didn’t know about his doctorate ! That was great! My condolences.
    My Dad lived to 97 &1/2!. Best wishes, My

    Bessemer, MI


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this sad time.

    Jeanne Racine
    Negaunee, MI


    I never met your father but he must have been a great man to instill that ethics and values that you have. You, Patti and your family are in our thoughts.

    Dennis and Renee

    Dennis Smith
    Marquette, MI

    Your Father was a resident at the nursing home I work at and I just want you all to know this is a heart felt thank you for letting us take care of Walter. he was the sweetest man ever like I said he would smile and wave all the time and the twinkle in his eye was so sweet! He will be sadly missed!

    Mary Holmes (housekeeper)
    Ishpeming, MI

    I used to work at the grocery store in Bessemer prior to moving here. It was always a pleasure to see Mr. Nemacheck whenever he came in to do some shopping. He was a true gentleman and I always enjoyed visiting with him. He spoke with such pride of his family. My sincere sympathies to all of you.

    Marquette, MI

    Patti and Bill

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. We never really new your dad Bill – but to have him this long is such a blessing.


    Lorraine and Rick

    ps come for coffee sometime!

    Rick Karpinen
    Marquette, MI

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