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    We just heard of Punch’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. My memory of Punch were the summers of 74 to 77 when I worked at Jim’s gas station. Punch was always around, either at the A&W or at the station. It doesn’t seem that long ago.
    Kevin Brannstrom
    Collierville, TN

    Dear Monnie,

    I was shocked and sorry to read of Punch’s passing as I returned from my son’s bedside.
    I am sorry for your loss and pray that the Lord will soften the pain we feel at our loved one’s passing.God bless you and grant you peace.

    Dorothy Lamberg Kollmann
    Rapid River, MI

    To the family of “Punch”

    My heart and prayers go out to all of you, please you are still my family in my heart! Please know that Punch is with those who have gone on before him, including his parents, sister, grandchild, and nephews. Maybe he and Steve will finally get their big hunt together now?! Monica, my heart and prayers are with you, as I think of you every day that I sit at my computer and look at the beatuiful picture you painted for me and Steve so long ago. Please feel free to get in touch and I wish I would have known before tonight so I could have been with you to say “good bye” to your dear man! Keep your chin up!! God has great plans for us all!!

    Georgette (Proehl) Krajna
    Kellnersville, Wi

    I am very sorry to hear of your great loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Cathy ( King ) Stone
    Rapid River, MI

    Monnie & family,

    I worked for you many years ago at the A&W in Gladstone. Punch was always a kind and caring boss with a great sense of humor.He always brought such happiness to a room. You have my heartfelt and sincere sympathy. Having lost my own dad less than a year ago, I know the hurt that you are experiencing. My heart goes out to all of you. I will keep you in my prayers during the difficult days ahead. Take care & God bless each of you.

    Sincerely, Carole(Wils) Boucher
    Escanaba, MI

    Monnie, Cindy, Terry, Tom, Liz, Jim, Sam and Sarah and Catherine,

    Please let me start this by saying what a beautiful family you have! There was so much love in those rooms today, I could just see Punch smiling down on all of us and saying, “hey Roberts” when I walked in! I spent a lot of time with your family growing up and have far far too many memories to share here today.

    The two older girls grew up with my sisters and sister in laws and I got to know Tom and Liz by going to school with them and working all those years for “Punch and Mono”…..(6 years car-hopping)…..WOW, we had some good times, we worked hard and we played hard on down times, and if we were lucky, Punch would catch us on our “down time”, not Monnie!…..Like the time he walked in on Trudy and I in the cooler having a ciggy, OMG, I thought he was going to kill us, or worse yet, tell our parents!, Not Punch, he walked out and pretended to be mad then asked us if we needed a ride home if Floydie was running late……:)

    Tom and I used to have contests to see who could hold our hands in the mug water the longest without passing out from the cold. Punch would walk in and look stern and shake his head, but I would see him grin as he would walk out the door!

    Then there was the time that Monnie and I were working at the Gladstone A & W – we were closing up and mopping ourselves out the door so one door was locked. We were almost thru mopping and a STREAKER ran thru the restaurant!….Imagine his surprise when he had to run back and go out the other door. When Punch got there, I think Monnie and I were still giggling. He really never believed us about that story, and continued to tease me about it for years!….You know who you are (the streaker).

    So if you read this I hope you at least smile! I love you all, and you’ve all been a very special part of my life growing up. Punch’s passing will definitely leave a huge void in this world. Please try to comfort and love one another and LAUGH and CRY over all the memories! ( I for one will NOT miss the whisker rubs)….ouch!!!you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Becki Roberts Hess
    Gladstone, MI

    Dear Monica & Family,

    It was great sadness that we learned of “Punch’s” death. Please know of our sympathies and prayers for all of you during this very difficult time. We thought very highly of Punch and enjoyed our visits with him on many occasions. Please know that we are with you in spirit since our physical presence is not possible at this time. Our warmest regards to all of you.

    Deacon Bill and Chetti Green
    Wausau, WI

    Monnie and family,

    Phil and I are so saddened by your loss. I have felt a spiritual link with your family because of having grown up so closely. I remember my mom going every morning to get the “news” and have her coffee with Jean. Punch and Jimmy were always around to tease Mary Faye, Sara, and I as we were playing.(minding our own business, of course) Dad often had occasion to mention Punch’s stellar athletic career as the years went by. It was nice that you thought to mention his and Keith Hines’ names.

    We hope to hug many of you today at the funeral home, but you know how that can be. Sometimes you miss someone. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers as the weeks go by. Love to all.

    Phil and Liz Deneau
    Gladstone, MI

    To Monica and family,

    I am sending this on behalf of my Father, Don Gratsch and his family. He called to tell me of Punch’s passing. My Dad’s memories of Punch flowed for more than an hour in our telephone conversation. My late Mother(Lil)and Dad had so many wonderful years on Round Lake as neighbors of Punch and Monti. Punch was truly “one of a kind”. He left his mark on my family and reading his life works one sees the great impact he had on many people. His life was too short but he made the most of it. Our deepest sympathy.

    Bill Gratsch
    Bradenton, FL

    Dear Monnie,

    Carl and I want to express our sympathy to you in your loss. I didn’t really know “Punch” but Carl remembers him well. He said he was your family doctor while we lived up there.

    May God give you comfort at this time and for the days ahead.

    Dr. Carl and Marilyn Olson
    Palm Harbor, FL

    Uncle Punch,

    Words cannot express the emptiness I feel right now. I can’t believe you’re not with us anymore, but I know that Grandma, Grandpa, & Aunt Mary Fay were waiting for you. No matter how I try to accept it, it just doesn’t seem fair. I’ll never forget your infamous “whisker” rubs (that I must say hurt a lot), but I have to admit I would do anything to have another one right now.

    I also won’t forget how you always used to say, “my brother sure had some awful kids”, however I know your nieces and nephews held a special place in your heart. It means so much to me that you and Aunt Monnie were able to take a trip up to Ontonagon last summer for my 4th of July party. I’m glad you were able to see my new house and where I live.

    I will cherish that memory forever. Even though I can’t be with you on Monday because of Landen’s anticipated arrival I will be thinking about you. I will be sure to tell him about his “Great” Uncle Punch and what an awesome man you were. I hope he turns out to be a great basketball player just like you! I love you Uncle Punch!

    Mary Fay
    Ontonagon, MI

    I love you. You will always be in my heart uncle Punch.

    Love you always,
    your great nephew Hayden
    Rapid River, MI

    I will always remember how Punch and Monnie started out by remodeling a very small portion of his parent’s garage. They started with nothing but the love for each other, and built their life on that love. I also remember my little cousin, Sam, who I just adored, playing by their “house”. It was such a wonderful time.

    Kathleen Pigott
    San Antonio, TX

    Punch will always be here with me and some day, we will be with him. I cannot express my love enough for him, Monnie, my cousins James, Sara and Catherine. They are my only close family I have besides my children. I will miss him pinching the fat around my waist and telling me how much weight I have gained. Susan will miss his wisker rubs. We are so blessed with the memories of last summer when we all got together. I know God gave us a gift to be able to plan that gathering. It is wonderful to have such a great family and I plan to spend more time with them, knowing how blessed I am.

    Kathleen Pigott,
    San Antonio, TX

    For Sarah Lustic,

    My sympathy to you and your extended family. I was one of the fortunate to have known you, Mary Faye, and your brothers, when we were young. Every kid looked up to “Punch” and Jim, we all wanted to be just like them.

    Glenn Davis
    Poinciana, FL

    To our beloved Michigan family,

    We are so heart broken over the loss of Punch! We are so grateful for the time we spent with all of you last summer. Punch, as well as all of you, made us feel so welcomed and loved! Mom as always felt at home with you all and her only happy memories growing up are those shared with you! Our prayers and thoughts are with you in your time of need and always! We love you!

    Your Texas family,
    Kathleen, Kim, Susan and Randy, Robert, and Billy
    San Antonio, TX

    Aunt Monnie (my Fairy Godmother):

    I started writing this big long depressing tribute, but all anybody really needs to know is that we will all miss him terribly. I wasn’t ready to say good-bye just yet. I just keep telling myself that Uncle Punch is at peace and is in a much better place. He will be remembered as a wonderful man by those that knew him. He will be forever in my memories and I can hear him at this very moment calling me ‘Putz’. I’m going to miss him! Aunt Monnie, I will be here if you ever need me.

    Patti Monticello
    Rapid River, MI

    Dear Monie and family,

    We cannot imagine what you are going through…it is all so sudden. We will forever treasure the memory of our last visit together.

    Janet & Herb
    Rapid River, MI

    Aunt Monnie & Family,

    Words cannot express what I am feeling right now. I still can’t believe that Uncle Punch is gone. I am going to miss him always teasing me on what “awful” kids his brother has! Logan always had a special connection to Uncle Punch and Uncle Punch always made a fuss over Logan. Now Grandpa Punch, Grandma Jean, Aunt Mary Fay, Tim, Steve and the “Commish” (as Grandma used to call him) are all together.

    Aunt Monnie – If you need anything, remember that I am only a phone call away.

    I love you all.

    Rapid River, MI

    Grandpa you were a great man and funny! You have been there for us since we were little and thank you so much. I know the angels are watching over you now. I remember all the late nights with you and grandma and going to the parade with you. You will always be remembered…
    love you and rest in peace.

    Amanda Sanders
    Fort Bragg, NC

    I am so sorry for your loss,Punch was such a wonderful person. I am sure your beautiful memories of him will give you much comfort and peace. My regards to all the family.

    Betty (BJ) Petonquot LeMarble
    Sheridan, MI

    I was shocked to read that Punch had passed away. Punch, Monnie and the family were great customers for many years of my folk’s grocery store in Rapid River (“Ray’s Market”). Punch was a “man’s man” and a hero to me over the years. He was a great man who served his community so well. My heart and prayers go out to Monnie and the rest of the Johnson family. If I wasn’t traveling on business, I’d surely be up there for Punch’s showing and funeral.

    Bill Morin (and family)
    Kentwood, MI

    Uncle Punch,

    I write this in hopes that you are able to “hear” me. I can’t even begin to let you know how important you were to me. You were always there for me and everyone in our family, and I know that I am not the only one to realize that. You were strong for all of us. You were the person at the funeral home that cradled me when Grandma died, and the comfort it made me feel is unexplainable. I’ll never forget your famous “whisker” rubs! As much as I hated them, I often looked forward to receiving one too. I’m so glad you were there for my recent wedding, as you and Aunt Monnie were awarded for being married the longest out of all of our wedding guests. What an honor! I only hope that my marriage is cherished and lasts just as long as yours was. Know that you will be greatly missed and the impression you left on our family is something that will last long into the future. I love you!

    Rapid River, MI

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