Thomas Bond

Resided in Rapid River, MI
Died May 12, 2008

Tom Bond, age 60, of 7491 26th Road, Rapid River, died Monday evening May 12, 2008 at the St. Francis Hospital in Escanaba following a lengthy illness.
Tom was born October 5, 1947 in Lansing, MI the son of Ray Lane and Patricia Frappier. Tom was raised in East Jordan where he was a graduate of the East Jordan High School.

Tom had resided and worked in several communities in Lower Michigan prior to moving to the U.P. in 1989. Since 2003 he has resided in Rapid River. Tom was most recently employed with Delta Do-It-Center (41 Lumber) where he worked as a small engine mechanic.

Tom loved fishing, rather it was for small mouth bass or crappies. He always looked forward to spending time on the water with a fishing pole in his hands. His hobbies included working puzzles, and burning music CD

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    To my special son,
    Tom, I know you are in a better place with Jesus, but I’m still missing you so much. Im missing our daily phone conversations,not once but twice every day. I miss you and I yelling at each other to take better care of ourselves. But we always ended our convrsations with “I love you”. Most of all I appreciate the fact that you are not suffering any more. I learned alot from you Tom. The big one was how to handle people. For instance when you were about six years old there were a couple of older, very rude kids teeasing you, I stood in the doorway ready to put them in their place and all of a sudden you put your hands on your hips and said “Well I dont know why God made me this way but he did”, you turned around and stomped into your room and slammed the door. We also had good times camping and sishing and sitting around the campfire telling wild stories and laughing alot. These are just a few of the good times we had Tom. I’m going to miss you so much. I love you dearly and hope you realize that. I will see you in heaven someday under better circumstances. I love and miss you, your Mother.

    Patricia Williams
    Six Lakes, MI

    Hi my name is Jackie, I got to know Tom through Geri. We work together and also started carpooling together the last few years. We always leave a little early for work so I would get to the house and usually visit with Tom and her dad. I enjoyed getting to know him he sure could tell some stories. I will miss that alot. He was a wonderful guy and will be missed……..good bye Tom love your friend Jackie……………

    Jackie Kies
    Rapid River, MI

    If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the 2 children Tom and CJ Bond that we are so proud of. Thank god, they took your sense of humour of life for the special circumstances they were in. I want to thank you for my special gifts. Until I moved back to East Jordan area, I did not know or realize how many people knew you and how many lives you had touched. You will be missed by Beaner.

    Robin L Spencer (Beaner)
    Ellsworth, MI

    To my brother and friend… I’m glad your pain and suffering is over. You will be missed. I think of some of the fun times we had and chuckle. I wouldn’t trade those times for the world. I know I will be with you again someday. Rest In Peace, Big Brother.

    Deb Collier
    Gate City, VA

    Dear uncle Tom, I’ve been wanting to see you for a very long time now but I can’t now. But I still have that coen you gave to me. It’s hanging in my room. I taped it on my door. I cried for almost 2 hours when I heard you died. Mom cried to. and we both hugged each other. I love you and I will miss you. Love Jacob

    Jacob Gladding
    Greenville, MI

    Hi, Uncle Tom. Well this life just isnt going to be the same without you here, and I sure do miss you, but nobody could ever say that you did not leave your mark on this world. You are one of the most amazing, strong, funny people I have ever known, and it was an honor to share my life with you. I have never thanked you for everything you have done for me. Jacob really misses you, and I wish you could have seen Katie, even though you told me a few weeks ago that all babies look like monkeys, she is pretty cute. But we will all be together someday. I guess right now Jesus needed a new angel. I love you Uncle Tom, have fin fishing in Heaven. Love Tricia

    Tricia Gladding
    Greenville, MI

    Hey dad, I hope you are enjoying yourself and catching big fish. You are my hero, and always will be! I miss and love you so much. I always loved hearing about your fishing and hunting stories. You were always a jokester. I don’t remember one person who didn’t get along with you, and you were always outgoing and willing to help anyone that needed it. It was so funny when ever you needed help with the computer, you never hesitated to give me a call. I remember once when I told you to put the mouse on the desktop, and you thought I meant put the mouse on the computer screen. So many good times with you dad, and I will never ever forget! You are in my heart and in my thoughts always and forever! I love you dad, and someday we will all be together again. I love you, your one and only daughter!

    CJ Bond
    Casco, MI

    Safe journey Big brother…if only you knew how much you will be missed. I will hold dear to the great times we had and all the wonderful memories..all those fishing trips we did and the fun we had laughing at each other. I will think about you everyday and remember that we will see each other some day again….until journey..I love you..from your little brother.

    Mike Lane
    Howard City, MI

    Hmmmm! What to say about Tom? Well there is really nothing much to say that everybody didn’t know. Tom was a talker he told everybody everything that he did and what he stood for. One thing I will always remember is that Tom was a extreme fishermen. Tom and I would fued on who was going to catch the biggest fish. Of course I would win the battle but he always won the war. I would just like to say to my husband Tom (son) and CJ (daughter) and to Geri (wife) I am very sorry for your lose.Tom was a very good man and I could have not asked for a better father in law, Or should I say Father By Law (HAHAHA) Well to Tom himself i just want to say we all love you and we will miss you, Don’t catch all the fish there I will be there sometime to finish what we have started I will out fish you someday. Love Ya Rest In Peace

    Megan Bond
    Marshall, MI

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