Thelma King

Resided in Gladstone, MI
Died May 1, 2010

Thelma King, of Christian Park Center, passed into Heaven

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    Dear Lorna & Ken,Jane here, Kelly Heinzs’ mother. I read with interest the wonderful obituary for Thelma – sounds like she enjoyed a wonderful, long life. I was quite intrigued with her history as a comptometer operator! Last spring we stumbled across a mansion built by the inventor, Door Felt. IF YOU ARE EVER IN THE HOLLAND, MI AREA MAKE SURE TO DO A TOUR OF IT. The history is awe-inspiring. More info here:

    Kelly is married with 1 and 3 year old daughters. They are moving from PA in August to Indiana for a year while her husband completes a fellowship at Notre Dame. Grandma Jane can not wait!

    May Thelma rest in peace. Take care,

    Gladstone, MI

    Dear Lorna & Family, What a beautiful life your Mom/Gram/Aunt Thelma has had! I am touched by her story and your memories of her. I grew up in Perkins and of course, used to live down the street from you, lived near Laguna Beach…we have crossed paths and you are all in my thoughts as you celebrate her life.

    Take Care,
    Barbara Wils Royer
    Portales, NM

    Mr and Mrs Benson, You have my deepest sympathy. My prayers and thoughts are with you both and your family.

    Joel Belanger
    Walbrigde, OH

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