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    Mike, i just wanted to say that im very very sorry to hear about the passing of your father he was such a great guy. Im glad i had the opportunity to meet dutch If it wasnt for you hooking up in a band with my brothers i never would have met your dad im glad i did and my prayers are with you and your family

    Pat Pierron
    Gladstone, MI

    To all,

    Thank you all so much for kind and loving tributes to both my mom and dad. Reading them can bring a tear to the eye, but mostly a smile as I think about the wonderful friends they had and how they touched people’s lives. They will be sadly missed, but it’s comforting to know they live on in our hearts.

    Thank you for being such wonderful friends.

    MIke Rowland
    Appleton, WI

    An addition to the last entry, I am also including a couple other links that has pictures of Dutch in our Karaoke Contest. The first was when he was 4th place and the second was when he made it in the top three.


    Jerry & Jennie Moonlight Entertainment
    Escanaba, MI

    Dutch was a wonderful person. Always and forever a karaoke junkie. I’m sure right now he’s telling the head of the heavenly choir that it’s now his turn to do a solo. He will be very much missed by all who knew him. Included is a web link so those who want to have a look at his picture while he’s doing what he so loved, Karaoke, can do so. I drink alone will never sound the same. God bless to his family and friends.

    Jerry and Jennie
    Moonlight Entertainment

    Jerry & Jennie Moonlight Entertainment
    Escanaba, MI


    I just got to know your Dad within the last few months but the short time I knew him I not only heard how great your band is and how proud he was of you but what a kind caring person he was. He sure cared for his little dog Cahtter. Make sure she goes to someone that will love her as he did, she was his little buddy. You will be in my prayers.

    Mary Kilok
    Escanaba, MI


    I can’t tell you how fondly I remember the time spent at the arcade, your house and the “fort”.

    Your mom and dad were always around, but gave us the freedom to be teenagers. It was a true home away from home for me…safe, but clean fun.

    Eric Vetter
    Winchester, KY

    Hi Dutch,

    As I am writing this, you are on the way to meet the Lord. I would like to thank you for your service to your country. God bless you my friend. John

    John Anderson
    Escanaba, MI

    Dutch was loved by both my wife and I. He made several tapes for us that we just love listening to. He also used to sing “pistol packin mama” anytime he would see us at the Elks Club in Manistique. He will be missed by the both of us.

    Tony Martin
    Manistique, MI

    My condolences to all of Dutch’s family. He was a great guy. We rode in many poker runs with him in the last 6 years or so. His sense of humor and jokes will be missed.
    God Bless you Dutch, rest in peace, you are now in HOG heaven.

    Jackie & Terry Mott
    Orange Park, FL

    We will always remember Dutch as a kind, givng,happy person. We enjoyed listening to his rendition of “What a wonderful world”, in our karaoke contests and that song will forever bring thoughts of his smiling face. We will always picture him with his white braid as he drove his bike. He was a man of many talents who will be sadly missed by all who were blessed enough to know him. He will never be forgotten. May God grant his family comfort and peace during this difficult time.

    Harlond & Julie Foster (Krazy Karaoke)
    Gladstone, MI

    Your dad will be deeply missed, I will always miss your dad coming in and telling me I give him hugs that kick start his heart. I will miss his singing me my favorite song on Karaoke. Your dad had a special way with people he was well liked up in Manistique as I am sure he was every where else he went. I am sorry to hear about the loss and send my sympathy.

    Billie Miller
    Manistique, MI

    Dutch will be missed so much by the girls at the Team Spirits Bar, at Kewadin Casino Manistique. Our Deepest Sympathy goes out to you.

    Kewadin Bar Staff
    Manistique, MI

    “Dutch” will forever be in the hearts of hundreds of friends! His voice still sings in my head, I remember his kindness to our sister, who is mentally handicapped, Dutch always remembered to send a Hello to her, and some Oreo cookies, when she was around, he would dedicate her special song: “500 Miles”, just for her! She realizes his passing and is saddened by it as well! I, along with many others do hope to be able to pay Honor to Dutch, as he was a friend to many! The Good Lord has taken Dutch, On the most Glorious Ride!! Bike, braid & laughter, all while singing praises to Our Lord Jesus!

    Michael, you have a difficult road to travel, losing your Mom, followed by your Dad; greiving is so difficult when we loose one parent, loosing both so quickly must be so difficult! I pray that you may feel God’s Blessing’s, and His Peace in your Heart! Sharon

    Sharon Anderson
    Perkins, MI

    Dutch was one of the nicesst people I have ever met. He would come through the drive thru at the bank and always put a smile on my face. He never seemed to let anything bother him. He will be deeply missed and he will never be forgoten.

    Sara Mattson
    Escanaba, MI


    I just heard about your Mom, and now your Dad. I’m so sorry to hear this news. I will always remember the funny stories you told about your Dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sue Johnson
    Gladstone, MI

    My husband and I had the honor and privilege of knowing Dutch. I got to sing with him quite a few times and know in my heart now he is entertaining the angels. He was a very kind, generous, compassionate man and feel honored to say he was more than a singing com padre but a sweet and valued friend. Dear Dutch; You were so full of life, always smiling and so carefree. Life loved you and you loved being a part of it, you could make anyone laugh or feel good if they were having a bad day. Nothing could ever stop you as you took on the world. But God decided he needed you and you left us all here and from this world you left us for a better place. We will miss your silly jokes and your yooper switchblade you made us, is even more special now that you are gone. You left without warning, not even saying goodbye and it only leaves us asking, Why Dear Lord Why?” Someday we might know the answer but one thing is for sure. Today you sit at the Fathers feet and probably singing a tune. I am sure he is still enjoying your sweet cute voice and those of us here will miss it until we meet again soon. You will truly be missed my friend.

    Darlene and Cliff Jensen
    Escanaba, MI

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