Michael E. Waeghe

Resided in Gladstone, MI
Died July 18, 2014

Gladstone, MI
Michael E. Waeghe, age 48, of Gladstone, passed away unexpectedly, July 18, 2014, due to complications caused by cold water drowning.

Mike was born December 11, 1965, in Escanaba, the son of Edmund and Bernita (Girard) Waeghe. He was raised in Gladstone and was a 1984 graduate of Gladstone High School. Shortly after high school, Mike moved to Indiana where he worked for BF Goodrich for many years. In 2006, Mike returned to Gladstone where he owned and operated his personal

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    We have a great memory to share. It was New Year’s Eve (many moons ago) at Sharkey’s Camp, Osier, Michigan. We arrived at the camp and in order to get to the bottom of the hill to the camp fire, you had to ride a sled down the hill. Mike proceeded to walk back up the hill and ride the sled down several times, and each time a great big smile on his face, he would say, “This is great, it’s just like when I was kid!” Once we left there we were heading to Rock for last call at Herbs Bar, when a great song came on the radio. Everybody was singing at the top of their lungs, so I stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road and Tom, Pat, Suzie, Mike and I all got out and started jigging to the music as it was blasting out of the vehicle. We ended up jigging in the road for quite a while until a car came down the road. Luckily we all got in as fast as we could and it wasn’t the cops. We laughed so hard it brought tears to our eyes. We did however, make it for last call! We will always remember his smiling face.
    Prayers to your family in this difficult time.
    RIP Mike.

    I knew Mike as good friend going to school in Gladstone and some years after that, I moved away as did he. I lost touch with him for over 25 years until he found me on FB one day, friend Mike Waeghe. I told him I was gonna come up for the fourth this year and see some family and friends. I saw a lot of family at the reunion but late Sat. night 7/5/14 I found Mike. We talked about the old times and he was so proud of his family I never met, he was very happy just like I always remember him to be. It was so very good to see you once again old friend, it has been to long, way to long. rest well..

    To my Dear Waeghe Family, You are all in my thoughts and prayers during this sad time…Mike was such a sweet kid growing up…always eager to make us laugh and we had so much fun. Some of my best childhood memories include your family and him. Love and comfort to you all.

    Gloria,Patty,Mia,Terry & family.You our in our thoughts 7 prayers. So sorry for your loss.
    He will always be looking over you.
    Lisa & Dennis Menard

    I’m writing this with a broken heart. Mike was and always be a huge part of my life with the memories and in the music he so loved. I have so many fond/funny memories of him like when he showed up at my house in his moms LTD( I think he just turned 16) and asked if I wanted to go for a ride I was like ” mike you can’t see over the dash” he was like “yes I can I got a pillow” well needless to say we went for a ride and I made it home alive and in one piece! Oh who can forget the pinto that he painted with like 30 cans of flat black holiday spray paint..the stereo system was worth more than the car and paint !Thanks for all the memories I will cherish them always

    My deepest sympathy to the Waeghe family. Mike lived life to the fullest. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, give you a good laugh if you were down, share a good story, and never back down from a dare. I ran into Mike 2 years ago at a wedding after not seeing him for 25-30 years and he never changed. All I can say is Mike was Mike. He will be missed.

    It was a night when we were over working on my race car and mike was over making everyone laugh and we also helped him move one day and all his CD cases broke!! Mike will be the person everyone misses he was always happy no matter what he would always make people laugh!!! He’s in a better place now hope to see you soon Mike I’ll be thinking about you everyday

    Gloria, Mia and Family,We’re so sorry to hear of Mike’s accident! What a terrible shock for you all! Our thoughts anre with you all. Sincerely, Doug and Dawn Schmidt

    Deepest sympathy for the entire Waeghe Family. I am glad i got to know Mike all through school. Mike got his fame as a stand up comedian in 5th grade. He would do a front flip from a standstill, land on his feet,flip his eyelids back and bark like a bullfrog. We never laughed so hard ,especially in 5th grade with a sugar buzz. It was the funniest thing you ever saw. It was always good to see Mike, cant recall him saying anything bad about anyone. It was much appreciated especially in a small town. We enjoyed his humor, with old stories and jokes. We are all glad we got to know such a smart ,humorous respectable man. Thoughts and prayers for all who knew Michael Waeghe. Going to miss ya bud!

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