Mary Williams

Resided in Gladstone, MI
Died August 24, 2008

Mary Williams, age 53, of 5140 William Drive, Gladstone, died Sunday August 24, 2008 at the Marquette General Hospital Special Care Unit. Her husband Rick is listed among the survivors.
At this time, no visitation or services are scheduled. A memorial service is being planned for a later date.

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    If your day needed a smile you just looked for Mary. If it was a question on your lawn or garden you just needed to ask Mary. And when my mother passed away who was there to share my sorrow, Mary. May you rest in the most beautiful, peaceful, garden heaven has to offer.
    Theresa Prosen
    Gladstone, MI

    It was so wonderful to see Mary again after 30 years. Kim Hughey had 5 of us to her place a few years ago. We had a blast talking about old times. Of course Kim is gone now, too. So sad, but so thankful to have gotten together and had such a great weekend.

    Sandy Rich
    Flint, MI

    Rick I am so sorry for your loss,you are in my prayer’s. She will be missed. She had so much love when it came to helping other’s and any animal that needed so care. She will never be forgotten. I was the one who came over to your home ridding a white pony along with kammie vanbrocklin many years ago.last year I recieved my saddle pad back from her after all these years. She held onto it until my daughter was ready to ride. How or why she held onto it for so long for me without forgetting I will never know. But I will never forget her. Rick you have always stood by her and I am again so sorry for your loss.

    Kerry Young [Bosma]
    Hardwood, MI

    We will miss Mary she was a caring and warm spirit. We enjoyed your yearly visits to our garage sales and shop.

    Jack and Bonnie Hoult
    Gladstone, MI

    Dearest Rick,

    My heart goes out to You and your family at this time. Mary was a very special and unique person…my closest friend. She touched many lives with her smile, hugs, laughter, listening ear and compassion. Her talents were many and shared freely to all. Though so many miles between for many years, our thoughts and spirits were always together. I am so grateful to have shared our time together at Tablerock Lake in March 2007. It has meant so very much to me to see you after 24 years. My son Kelsey finally got to meet you both. He was so captivated with your presence. For many years, he would also talk to Mary on the phone when she and I talked. He was always fascinated by her stories and elephant jokes. I will greatly miss Mary and especially on our “Birthdays” that we shared. She will always be watching down over us in spirit.

    You are in my Prayers,
    God Bless You,

    Debby Short-Carden
    Nixa, MO

    People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime…

    LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people (anyway); and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

    Mary, I thank You for being my Lifetime friend…

    I am so sorry to hear of Mary’s passing. She was a very special person, a one of a kind person. She always brought joy to those around her. She always had a joke or a funny saying. We always got a laugh from her when she’d stop by the flower shop. May you find peace in all the wonderful memories you have.

    Debbie Trotter
    Gladstone, MI

    I knew Mary when I was a little girl; I’m now in my thirties. I always thought Mary was the “coolest” of my parents’ friends and her boisterous laugh was the funniest of anyone I’ve known! Rick, my family & I are so very sorry for the loss of your soul-mate, because that’s my memory of the two of you – a great pair!

    Melissa Coker (Rusty & Terry Jones’ daughter)
    Olathe, KS

    Mary had such a zest for life, a happy smile, and always had a welcoming hug. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Life for Mary was cut way too short – she is with the angels now. God Bless and give you strength to help you through this difficult time.

    Kathy Maynard
    Gladstone, MI


    Our hearts and minds are with you. In sadness for her death but with appreciation for her life, we remember Mary and how she shared her talents with joy and love.

    Mary was such a unique person and really complimented and completed you. Lori and I will keep you in our prayers in the days ahead.

    Bob and Lori Bolm
    Sandy Hook, VA

    Rick –

    We are very sorry to hear of Mary’s passing. I remember what my father told me when my favorite uncle died suddenly and very young – the good ones always go first.

    This is a better world for her having been here and we are all better people for having known and loved her.

    Bob and Judy Stuart
    Olathe. KS


    I’m very sorry to here about Mary’s death. I hope you are holding up OK? The last time I saw you and Mary we talked about the trip you had just returned from. I’m sure you had many great times together.
    Take care and let me know if I can help in any way.

    Tony Wolak
    Escanaba, MI

    Rick sorry for your loss Mary was a great lady I always remember her coming into the store and ask is Leo here and they would laugh up a storm and she was always friendly to the rest of us I will miss her story telling and jokes at the hardware store my deepest sympathy

    Judy and Dave Warner
    Escanaba, MI

    Rick, You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all richer for having known Mary, our lives fuller and memories happier. We all feel your loss, and hope you can remember the good times with fond memories.

    Barb Karas and Bob Petersen
    Rapid River, MI

    Rick, Sorry about your lost. She is in a good place with God. He has better things for her to get done. Remember all the jokes she told at Pats party. She was so happy. Our deepest sympathy goes out to you. I had alot good visit with her at home and camp ground when you were busy working.

    Jean Lancour
    Gladstone, MI


    I’m so very sorry for your loss. When I think of Mary I can see her smile and hear her laugh. She would come in my work and share stories of her adventures. I’ll smile whenever I think of her telling of mining for gems, what a spark plug. I will miss her visits and her jokes. She was a very special woman.

    Paula Sagataw
    Wilson, MI

    “Crazy-Mary” – one word, four syllables. That’s what I called her from soon after our first meeting in 1978. Never to her face. She was very sensitive and I never meant it in a derogatory fashion, but only to wonder how a person could always be in such a happy state of mind. She was always “crazy-happy”. Rick would try to get mad at some of the things she’d do… his head would go down and that low growl would rumble out from his throat… and then he’d howl a laugh. We all did. All the time. You couldn’t help it, and I laughed just now thinking of her simple, girlish, innocent way. She did hear me say “Crazy-Mary” one time, and her feelings were hurt. I explained all this to her and I don’t know if she believed it, but it is what it is. Mary made us laugh. Never lashed out. Always ready to go, and did we ever go places.

    I miss you Mary.
    I love you Newt.

    Dave Tripp
    Pendleton, NY

    You have my condolences. I remember Mary from my days as insurance agent at Garceau. She was a lovely, compassionate person. She made me welcome in her home and was always energetic and amazingly upbeat whenever we ran into each other. I wish now that I had pursued a closer friendship, why do we wait to do the important things? Please be aware that there are many who care.

    Gwen Allsworth Morgan
    Gladstone, MI

    When we lose someone we love it seems that time stands still. What moves through us is a silence… a quiet sadness… A longing for one more day… one more word… one more touch… We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget. We will see you again some day, in a heavenly place where there is no parting. A place where there are no words that mean good-bye.

    Paul & Terry Jones
    Olathe, KS

    Rick, I am so sorry to hear about Mary’s passing. I met Mary and yourself through Bay Veterinary Clinic when you were raising Springer Spaniels. The ironic thing is I have not seen her in quite a few years and I happened to bump into her twice a few weeks ago at Gladstone St. Vincent De Paul. It was always so nice to see her smiling face and get a great BIG hug. She really has a great heart that will be cherished forever. Mary has gone to the best place that we can ever be and will live in the hearts of many.

    Jennifer Spriks
    Escanaba, MI


    You have our deepest heartfelt sympathy with the passing of your sweet Mary. I don’t think she realized how many people she had touch, and how fondly she will be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Leonard and Jean Lindquist
    Bark River, MI


    You may be gone, but you’ll not be easily forgotten. You will live on in the hearts and memories of all the people who knew and loved you. Unfortunately there will be no more silly jokes or words of wisdom.

    I will hear your gardening words of wisdom in my head only from this point on.

    May your green thumb never turn brown and your flower garden bloom forever. I will miss you.


    Jean Lindquist
    Bark River, MI

    Rick & Family

    We are so sorry to hear of your loss. She will be greatly missed by all. We will always remember her great smile and personality. She was one special person.

    Joel & Renee Erickson
    Escanaba, MI

    Although it has been a year since I have seen Mary and Rick we still communicated via email. I still remember the crazy sense of humor Mary had and the smile she could put on your face even in the worst of times. Her passing a great sorrow. My heart goes out to Rick for his loss. She will be missed by many.

    Jeff Darby
    Olathe, KS

    Dear Rick: You won’t remember me nor my husband Ken, but we will always rmember Mary as a free spirit, in love with life and all creation, full of creativity and joy.

    May God give you peace through the love from family and friends – with our sympathy

    Lorna and Ken Benson
    Gladstone, MI

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