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    Once upon a time a tiny tot lost her mom. Once upon a time, a caring young woman, who was her cousin, determined the tot’s dad needed help because the dad had no experience fixing a little girl’s hair. Faithfully every evening, month in and month out, year in the year out, the woman would drive to the dad’s house to set the little girl’s hair in pincurls. Every morning the dad would drive to the woman’s house to remove the pincurls and comb the hair so the little girl would look pretty for school. And this caring woman gave the little girl many gifts of love and did so many more things for the girl they are too numerous to count.Years passed and the girl grew up and tried to learn how to fix her own hair. In return for her loving kindness to the little girl, this warm, wonderful woman became mother to three beautiful girls of her very own. Oh, then there were four beautiful granddaughters too.
    The little girl never forgot what her cousin did for her as she grew up. I am that little girl and I grieve for Peggy’s family in this time of dreadful sorrow. In the words of the poet, “Death be not proud” for taking Peggy from us.

    Sharon Swanson
    Ann Arbor, MI

    Lori – So sorry to hear about your Mom. You and your family are in my prayers.

    Monica Moreau
    Green Bay, WI

    Mr. D, Mary Beth, Susan, and Lori:
    I was so shocked to hear of Mrs. D’s passing. She was such a grand lady. I will always remember her with many fond memories from my years of working at the hardware store.
    I am sorry we can not be in Gladstone with all of you during the celebration of her life.
    Know that she meant a lot to me, almost a second mom during my years at Swanson’s. She will be missed by more than just her immediate family.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you all and Saturday will be a sad day for me but I will always remember with Mrs. D and that little twinkle in her eye. God Bless all of you.

    Terry Peterson
    Little Cananda, MN

    Dear Mary Beth, Sue and Lori,
    We were so sorry to hear about your mother. I know how difficult it is to lose your mom. Take care of yourselves….you are fortunate as sisters to all live near each other. You and your families are all in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time. Our best to all of you,

    Sue and Dale Jamison
    Rapid River, MI

    My first memory of Peg was when she and Al moved Sue to our dorm – there were enough provisions to last through the entire year!
    When I visited their home over one summer Peg offered to iron my freshly laundered jeans, I was amazed to know that anyone did that.
    We have always felt like part of the Family over the years, and I was so happy to have my own Family come to Gladstone to visit.
    Peg will be missed by so many-
    We send our Love and Prayers to all of you-
    Geri, Bob, Heather and James

    The Skalsky Family
    Longwood, FL

    Dear Bud, MaryBeth, Susan, and Lori and families
    I have many great memories of Peg–lots of laughs at True Value when the store was full of people and something would just set us off laughing. I usually could get a smile and giggle if I referred to her has Sister Mary Margaret. We would stay in the back room and just wrap package after package, this is all before the mall days. If they had been drinking I would put a blue bow on the box and Peg would say–you can’t do that–but I did.
    They didn’t know. Bud would just shake his head. She was very proud of you girls, it was great sharing the experiences with her. I remember the boxes of supplies that they haul down to school with Susan, we told her there must not be stores downstate. She loved to shop and select that right gift for everyone. When the husbands and grandkids came she was so very proud. Some one told me once that tears will dry, smiles will fade but memories will last forever. How true. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Phil and Virginia Petersen
    Gladstone, MI

    Dear Darion family,
    I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I will keep you in my prayers.
    Lori, just to let you know that you and your friendship still cross my mind and I’m thinking about you and your family at this difficult time.

    Love, Jean (Johnson) Leach
    Pickford, MI

    To The Darion Family,
    I will miss her at church and at home. She will be saddly missed by all.

    Jean Davis
    Gladstone, MI

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