Luella Irene “Bunny” Roberts

Resided in Gladstone, MI
Died February 6, 2013

Escanaba, MI
Luella Irene

One Tribute for “Luella Irene “Bunny” Roberts

    Forever I will carry with me the resident/nursing relation ship bunny and I had. Little did I know that it went beyond that. Bunny for me in an inspiration. I will always remember the late evenings when I worked, her room and bunny herself was a reprieve. I would sit on her bed and we just smiled and laughed with one another. I never let without holding her hand and saying, “I love you.”I left BNH for a long period of time. One day I came to visit and she was getting assistance from the w/c to the bed. I was shocked I could tell immediately she was ill. With wonder she said to me “I haven’t seen you in soo long.” I went up to her and just held her hand. That when she told me she had cancer and it had spread. She said if it was just in my bladder I may have went for treatment, but it spread.
    I was so blessed, each day after that I was at her bed side, sometimes staying long hours and sometimes just staying for a short period of time.
    On the night she passed away I was there until six thirty and I knew when I left the end was very close. I felt I had to drag myself away because I so longed to stay. I almost cancelled my meeting just so I could be at her side. I knew though it wasn’t my place, but I so wished it was, to be at her side. I am blessed that I could be with her as much as I had. I will remember holding her hand praying by her bedside. Almost the the very end she had a smile on her face.

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