Joseph Gour

Resided in Ford River, MI
Died October 27, 2009

Joseph D. Gour, age 84, of the Ford River area and also of Arizona, passed away Tuesday evening, October 27th, 2009 at Marquette General Hospital following a one day illness.
Joe was born November 8th, 1924 in McFarland, the son of Felix and Mazzilline (Gerou) Gour and was raised in the McFarland area. Upon the American entry in World War II, he entered the United States Army and served in the European Theater and was in the forefront of the

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    My heartfelt condolences to Joe’s family. I was his secretary for 6 years in Phoenix. Although I know how much he loved “The Valley of the Sun” I knew that his heart never left Michigan. The stories he would tell and his regular trips “home” made it very obvious. Thank you so much to Barb for giving me a call to let me know of this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.
    Marlo Ivey
    Arlington, VA

    Dear Relatives of Joe Gour,

    I am a sister to Sena Rasmussen Morin. My husband and I have met Joe many times. He stood up for Sena and Joe’s wedding and has been around for family gatherings. We know that you will miss him deeply.

    We treasure the book that he wrote about his years during World War II and his capture by the Germans. We will not forgot him nor what he did and went through to keep our country free.

    Today, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
    God Bless,

    Dorothy (Rasmussen) and Larry Gerue
    3482 White Dove Lane
    De Pere, WI 54115

    I am really sorry that I can not be there with my family and friends at this sad time. We are all sad and still in shock. As Joe’s niece and growing up in McFarland, I have many memories of Joe. One of the first is that he used to give us rides on his bicycle. He must have been a teenager but was always good to us. Later, he gave us rides in his car. I don’t know if he really was going 60 mph but that’s what he told us and what we told our mother (Joe’s sister Evon). She still let us ride with him so maybe she didn’t believe us. Remember, 60 mph was VERY FAST in the thirties and early forties.

    Joe had a wonderful smile and was generous with it. It seemed to define him. I don’t remember him without his smile except when a family member died.

    Joe wasn’t good a writing letters and returning phone calls but he was always in our thoughts and hearts. We will miss him very much.

    Audrey (Beach) Carlson
    Arvada, CO

    On 10-12-09 I had a chance meeting with Mr. Gour. The UP State Bank was dedicating their new flag pole as part of the grand opening of the new bank. It was patriotic day and several veteran groups were there to help with the flag dedication. Mr. Gour came in a suit and tie and it was a very chilly day. Another veteran asked if anyone had a jacket that Mr. Gour could wear as it was so cold. I was wearing my son’s camo army jacket and I gave it to Mr. Gour to wear. A funny thing happened. I left my lipstick in the pocket and went back to Mr.Gour to get it. I reached into the pocket to get it and he looked at me wondering what I was doing. I told him I needed my lipstick and he said “It’s not my color anyway.” We both had a good laugh. After the ceremony, I found out he was a POW from World War II. I called my son that evening to tell him about Mr. Gour using his jacket and he said it was an honor that a World War II POW would wear it. I agree. My son, James Pulliam is a Major in the Army stationed in Washington DC right now. He served one tour in Iraq and his wife, Rikkina Pulliam, also a major, served two tours in Iraq. My chance meeting was only two weeks ago and I am very happy to have met him ever so briefly.

    May God’s gentle peace and promises comfort you at this time. Mary Roberts

    Mary Roberts
    Escanaba, MI

    My name is Nick Walker. I was Mr. Gour’s handyman.

    In the few short months I knew joe it was my opinion that we developed a friendship. I was very sad when I walked into his garage to let him know I was there to complete one of the many projects he needed done,to find him laying down and unable to get up to enjoy the progress him & I had done to his home. I will miss the man who I considered a new & positive friend in my life. I would like to send my deepest sympathies to his family, for I to know what a wonderful person he was & it was an honor to have known him.

    Nick Walker
    Escanaba, MI

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