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    I remember Debbie from when we were little in Perkins they lived across the road from us. I remember Dawn and Dana, Debbie would have been 3yrs. old when I moved. I feel the sorrow for the families loss and may Debbie rest in peace. Sincerely Patty [Louis] Cain.
    Patty M Cain
    Menominee, MI

    Dear Dawn, Dana, Diana, Francene and LeAnne,

    I was so surprised to hear about Debbie. I babysat all of you girls in Perkins for your Mom. I did my best not to burn dinner so we did all right! I can just see all of you little girls! Your Mom knew my Mom, Cleo Wils, so I felt lucky to watch you. I can’t remember when Denise passed.

    To all of you girls and family, My thoughs and my prayers are with each of you. I know good memories will help sustain you. I hope you get in touch with me.

    Barbara Wils Royer
    Portales, NM

    In Memory of Debbie LaChapelle Anderson; 1958-2009….may you RIP.

    From all of us, to all of you…Our Sincere Condolence.

    The Dahn Family…
    Doris (McKnight) & Leonard Scheuren
    Joe Dahn & Tina Sexton, and family
    Jim & Chris Dahn, and family
    John Dahn & Jan Kidd-Dahn, Jessica (Dahn) Page and family
    Pat & Lori (Frechette) Dahn, and family
    Theresa (Dahn) & Joe McCloskey, and family

    Jan C Kidd-Dahn
    Escanaba, MI

    To the entire LaChapelle family,

    We just learned of Debbie’s passing this evening (MON-6APR2009). Our condolence goes out to you and every one of Debbie’s family members, both immediate and extended. The Dahn’s and LaChapelle’s have been friends for many years. Neighbors from just across the street in years long ago.

    My husband, John Dahn, and Debbie LaChapelle were buddies. They were tight. Like brother and sister. We saw Debbie in the hospital on St Patrick’s Day 2009, while going to visit two other patients at the time. Debbie was so glad to see John and I. She spoke highly of our daughter Jessica (Dahn Page). I relayed this to my daughter, and Jessica went to see Debbie immediately. Debbie was thrilled to see Jessica. Shocked too, because Jessica had changed quite abit since Debbie saw her last. I understand that Jessica and Debbie had a real nice visit.

    I will never forget St Patrick’s Day with Debbie. We didn’t stay long, for fear of taking up her family’s time with her. We could clearly sense, that Debbie’s time upon this earth was limited, and we wanted to step-back, and allow her sisters and family this precious time to be with her.

    Always remember…Debbie’s spirit lives on within you. Where you are, she is. Always! If you listen intently, she will speak to you.

    God Bless You, and may He help you to find strength during your time of sorrow.

    ~~Jan C Kidd-Dahn
    720 S 15th St
    Escanaba, MI. 49829
    (906) 786-4778

    John Dahn & Jan Kidd-Dahn
    Escanaba, MI

    I’m so sorry to hear about Debbie. I was hoping that unlike my mom, Gloria (Hager) Jasko, she would be able to beat the cancer. Bad things happen to good people and we’ll never understand why. I think about my mom every day and I know you’ll think about Debbie every day. She’ll always be in your hearts.

    Lynette M. Hager
    Escanaba, MI

    Dale and family,

    I just wanted you to know how sorry I am about your loss. Debbie was such as awesome lady! Her smile would light up a room when she walked in. She was fun, and most of all, she was “real.” A perfect fit for you Dale! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. And, I miss you guys.

    Take care.

    Jessica Smith
    Escanaba, MI

    I will miss you forever and always!

    Heather Beilby
    Wells, MI

    Sadly missed!

    Cathy and Dewey Williams
    Wells, MI

    Dana, we are all thinking of you and your entire family. Please let us know what we can do to help. Lana

    Lana Woodard
    Tullahoma, TN

    Dale and Family, It is hard to find the words that will comfort you at a time like this. No one knows more than you how much Debbie will be missed. In time you will come to appreciate the fact that Debbie was loved by so many people, She was a genuine person and friend. Her wit, smile, laugh and wise cracks will be missed by all. She is perched somewhere up above watching over all of us and probably eating a big ice cream sundae. Her spirit and memories live on. Cherish them.

    Karla Zeigler and Family
    Bark River, MI

    Debbie was a very beautiful person and I will miss her laughter and friendship.

    Jane Lanaville
    Wilson, MI

    Debra was a sweet, caring woman who always wore a bright smile. She will be missed by many. My condolences to the family…

    Alisa Williams
    Wilson, MI

    Hey mom chocolate chip pancakes will never be the same sadly missed alot

    Ortis Erica Beilby and boys
    Gladstone, MI

    My dear sweet Heather, God made a special bond between a mother and her daughter, and the bond you had with your mother was more than special. I remember when you would visit us, every morning you and your mom would talk on the phone and you would end your conversation with “I love you and I miss you too, momma.” You two were inseparatable. I am sure when people saw you and your mom out together, they would say, “If you see Debbie then Heather is around here too.” I cherish the memories I have of your mother, and I hope you know that you are your mother made over. I see her smile when I see your smile, I hear her laugh when I hear you laugh. She will always be with you in everything you do, that is the bond that God gave a mother and daughter, it is there in life and everafter.

    Dianna Kreutzjans
    Freetown, IN

    Its been years since i have seen debbie . I used to work at the casino also but, i remember her more from years before when we used to party together with diana all my prayers are with you.

    Cathy Anderson
    Woodhaven (Escanaba), MI

    I was shocked and very saddened by the news. I just happened to go onto the Daily Press obituaries and clicked on Debbie’s name. I am sitting here with Mom, who is VERY ill. She spent 13 days of Feb. in the hospital down here by me. Each family member has come to my home for a week at a time helping to care for her. Our love to all of you at this sad time. We dearly love each of you.

    Polly Osborne
    Eastpointe, MI

    Ma we will all miss you so much but we will keep you alive in our hearts by the memories we made with you…we Love you and to Pa Heather, Jason, Nathan and Jesse we know the grief you are all going through and we hope that you will all heal from the pain your feeling from your loss we love you all and am always here if you need us

    Love always and Forever Duff Jen Brooke Diane and Family

    Laingsburg, MI

    Heather, Jason, Nathan & Jesse,

    God seems to work in strange ways at times. The only thing I can tell you is He was short of Angels. I love you all.

    Greg Ayers
    Auburn, NY

    I’m sorry about Debbie. She was a great person and nobody will ever forget about her.I’m really going to miss her too.

    Amy Schmidt
    Wilson, MI

    Hi everybody, i just want to let you know you are all in my prayers, and i hope to make it on Monday. i love you all!

    Hermansville, MI

    Dale, Heather, Jason, Nathan, Jesse, Sisters, & Families

    I extend my deepest heartfelt thoughts, Love and Prayers for your hearts to be comforted during this time of Transition.

    Sharing a major Chapter of this Journey with Deb was beyond a Blessing, she was always like a Big Sister to me. For all who she was, and how she so openly shared her heart with everyone, and so much more, I will Forever be Grateful for having her in my life, and will forever cherish the time we spent.

    May the Joy of all the good times and each fond and special memory live on in each of your hearts, as they will forever in mine. We know that Deb is shining down on all whom she loved with her infectious smile and that twinkle in her eye. The impact she had on my life was deep and positive and her memory will never be forgotten.

    Once again I share our most sincere thoughts, sympathies, Love and Prayers with you all during this time. Please know we send our Love to you in Spirit to be by your side in your time of need as we cannot be there in person.

    Love Always

    Pat & Jackie Anderson
    Gainesville, GA

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