David Scherff

Resided in Gladstone, MI
Died January 14, 2010

David John Scherff, age 73, of 1403 Michigan Avenue, Gladstone, passed away Tuesday morning December 14, 2010 at his residence of an apparent heart attack.
David was born December 16, 1936 in Sheboygan, WI the son of Philip L. and Elva (Nix) Scherff. He was raised on the family farm in Plymouth, WI where he attended and graduated from Plymouth High School, class of 1954. David continued his education at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he received his B.S. degree in Biology in 1958. Following graduation, David was employed with the Gladstone Public Schools where he taught Biology and Science at the Gladstone High School. David later worked on and received his Master

3 Tributes for “David Scherff

    Though not told many times through my times with Mr. David ‘Yogi’ Scherff…he was a mentor to many young men and will be missed by all that truly had the pleasure to know him…Thanks Mr. Scherff
    Greg A. Kenney
    Washington, DC

    I am a member of BSA Troop 182 in Tucson, AZ. We enjoyed the winter visits from Dave. He added to our adult leadership and used his personal style to enhance the learning our boys did under his care. He was a great guy and will be missed. If a family member would like any photos I took of him, please have them contact me at the above e-mail address.

    Paula Marshall
    Tucson, AZ

    Mr.Scherff was a great teacher. I wish I had told him that. He took me snowmobiling when I was a sophomore at GHS, and it was a blast! My best memory, though is our trip to Isle Royale with the Biology students. I really enjoyed the hiking, camping, canoeing, and fishing. The most exciting moment was when Mr.Scherrf and two students were in their canoe in Lake Superior. A wave swamped them and Mr. Scherrf yelled to the girls, “S-s-s-stay with the c-c-c-canoe!” Apparently the water was a little cold! Oh, and they were carrying all of our food. We had to camp at that spot for the night and dry out our food. Great memories! Thanks, Mr. Scherff-RIP.

    Pete Rasmussen
    Grand Rapids, MI

    I am very sorry to hear that David has passed away. He was my Biology teacher in 1960. I was in scouts for many years and made Eagle. I credit David for mentoring and helping me to grow in scouting. One memory that I have is myself and several other boys went on a camping trip around Lake Superior with David for which I will always remember. I will always remember David as a good teacher and scout leader.

    Richard (Dick) LaBelle
    1920 Colonial Park Drive
    Hartsville. SC 29550

    As a fellow Scouter, Dave was always a leader. His booming voice demanded respect which he earned & deserved in all ways. He also had a humorous side which I came to appreciate. He will be sorely missed by all of us in Scouting.

    Don Fitch
    Escanaba, MI

    I was a student of David (Mr. to former students) in the early 70’s. I had always intended to write him a thank you letter for being the most influential teacher in my life. It wasn’t until many years after school that I realized this. He instilled in me the love of the outdoors and nature, I learned bird songs, tree species, the love life of the fruit fly,and my fondest memory, the trip to Isle Royal. He was truly one of a kind. Though his exterior was gruff, he instilled the excitement of learning in me, and I will never forget him. Goodby Mr. Scherff, you were one of a kind

    Peggy Gobert
    Rapid River, MI

    I have known Mr. Scherff for at least 28 years. I had him for a teacher in high school for 3 years. We
    became friends during this time and he was a guest at my cabin in the western UP. Where we went snowmobileing and hunting. He was a great teacher he really cared about his students as many of us former students will tell you. I really wish that I could be there on Saterday to say goodby. I will miss him a great deal the world was a better place with him in it.

    Dan Clark
    Lake Ann, MI

    How sad I was to hear of Mr. Scherff’s passing. I had always intended to write him a Thank You note but kept procrastinating, now it is too late. He was my teacher in the early 70’s, and it wasn’t until many years later I realized what a brilliant teacher he was. Thanks to him, I learned bird calls,(poor sam peabody, cheer up cheerily! any one else remember these?) tree species, life and times of the fruit fly, and one of my fondest school memories, the Isle Royal trip. He had such a love of learning you couldn’t help but get excited. He had a gruff exterior, but a passion for teaching that was incredible. Thank You Mr Scherff, you were one of a kind. And to everyone out there, say thank you to those who have influenced your life, don’t wait until it is too late.

    Peggy Gobert
    Rapid River, MI

    Great guy…..one of those teachers you don’t appreciate enough until a few years later when you grew up. He was a passionate, interesting and interested teacher. I had the good fortune of running into him last summer in a store. He looked great and was, as always sharp as a tack. He is missed.
    Friends and I still talk of the great time we had going to Isle Royale with one of his groups. He didn’t have to do that, he was out to enrich kids lives.

    Andy Wiltzius
    Kingsford, MI

    I had Mr. Scherff in Biology, he was such a great teacher! But I mostly remember him singing in church choir at First Lutheran. He will be sadly missed by many, but what a legacy he has left behind. God Bless you, Mr. Scherff!

    Stacy Nelson
    Falling Waters, WV

    Mr. Scherff was a great teacher and neighbor. We had many conversations in my parents backyard when I was growing up. He game me some good advice. One summer I watched his dog Gomer while he was on vacation. RIP Mr Scherff

    Jerry Chuman
    Frisco, TX

    I have known Mr. Scherff since I was a little boy. Many don’t know his whole story. It is a story of a young boy who loved his little sister who was a special needs child, with all his heart. And when she died in an tragic accident at a very young age, it broke that heart in two. Mr. Scherff channeled this love of young people who faced adversity into a caring devotion to young people of every situation and background. He gave all he had to scouting, and to teaching. He was a faithful man who devoted himself also to his church. The world is a sadder place with out David Scherff, and we have been blessed as a family to know him and to love him.
    Peace to you David, as you rest in the arms of your loving Savior.

    Pastor Paul M. Strom
    Gladstone, MI

    I can still see him holding up a leaf and saying “These are petioles”. I haven’t spent much time in Gladstone since I graduated but see I missed a chance to know a great man.

    Bruce Oman
    Marinette, WI

    Dave was a patient mentor with scouts and teaching. I saw my first pileated woodpecker on an evening nature walk with him and some other students on the Days River. Sorry to hear of his passing.

    Michael Salmi
    Houghton, MI

    Philip and John,
    Mr. Scherff was a great man and teacher. I was his student years ago, he was always one of my favorite teachers. I have been canoeing, snowmobiling and have been to Isle Royal with him. He will be missed, god bless.

    Bruce Camps
    Jacksonville, FL

    He was the greatest Scoutmaster ever. RIP Mr. Scherff.

    Andrew Pfiester
    King George, VA

    I was greatly saddened to hear of Mr. Scherff’s passing. He dedicated his life to teaching young people the complexity of the scientific world, while never losing sight of the simple truths that make life so special. His leadership in the community and most importantly his lifelong commitment to teaching young men the importance of perseverence, self-reliance, friendship, and kindness will be greatly missed. The world is a less colorful place without him, but his legacy is that he left it a better place than he found it. We could only hope to do the same.
    God Bless you, Mr. Scherff. Amen.

    Anthony J. Tackman, MD
    Cary, NC

    The heartfelt tribute written by Troop 466 is a very complete chronicle of Dave’s service to youth through Scouting. Most important was that he exemplified the Scout Oath and Law in his own life as he taught it to young men.
    His cheerfulness, friendship, and helpfulness will be greatly missed.

    Dewey Jones, Scout Executive
    Hiawathaland Council, BSA

    Besides teaching several thousand students along side of Dave at GHS, we both were active with Troop 466 and both enjoyed motorcycles. (He was a Honda guy and never really liked my love of Harleys!) We even sang together in the 1st Lutheran Church Choir for a few years but he outlasted me as he had a far better voice. We brought students to Isle Royale, and he had an amazing ability to plan the details for 30 students on that beautiful island at a time.
    Dave: Colleague, old friend, and fellow scouter, Rest in Peace. You’ll be missed greatly.

    Al Salmi
    Rapid River, MI and Lake Worth, FL

    I knew Mr. Scherff briefly from Scout outings. He really had a zest for scouting and life! He taught many boys so much about scouting. He will be missed by many in scouting and family and friends, no doubt.

    Tony Block
    Manistique, MI

    My teacher in so many ways. I will always be greatful for the many things he taught me in school, in Scouts, at church. He touched so many people. God bless.

    Pastor Patrick Ziems
    Superior, WI

    Few people have influenced the lives of so many in such a positive manner as Dave has. Both through his teaching, and especially his scouting. I was one fortunate enough to know Dave as a student, scout, and friend. He will be sorely missed. God Bless.

    Dave Strom
    Gladstone, MI

    I am saddened to hear of Dave’s (Mr. Scherff’s) passing. I had him as a teacher back in the mid-70’s and he was a particular favorite of mine. He taught me well as I chose a career in biology. I have life memories of the numerous field trips he engaged me in – Isle Royale, Washington Island, Seney – just to name a few. He was always getting on myself and my pals for all our pranks but in his heart he was laughing along with us. My prayers to his family.

    Joe Leonardi
    Davison, MI

    We are going to miss Dave’s outstanding leadership and dedication to Gladstone area youth. Dave truly made a difference in the lives of many young people in his more than 30 years of teaching in Gladstone Schools and his 50 years dedicated to helping Gladstone Boy Scouts.
    The Boy Scouts and Scout leaders are going to miss Dave very much. For the past 50 years Dave has been a registered Boy Scout leader in Troop 466 Gladstone. He started helping Boy Scouts when he first came to Gladstone in 1960. All of those years he was a dedicated and talented Assistant Scout Master and twice he stepped up when called upon to be the Scoutmaster of Troop 466. One of Dave’s last Boy Scout activities was this past Fall when for the benefit of 15 local Troops, he planned and organized the District Camporee as he did many times over the years.
    Dave’s support to the Boy Scout program has been truly tireless and unselfish, giving his time and more to over a thousand Troop 466 Boy Scouts during the past 50 years. When Dave began to winter in Arizona over the past 10 years he searched out a couple of Scout Troops there to share his talents with.
    One of Dave’s many specialties over the years was working closely with new Scouts in the Troop, helping them meet the requirements for their first rank of Scout and also introducing them to camping skills. Even if a Scout didn’t stay long in the troop, Dave said he hoped to at least get them to understand the 12 parts of the Scout Law, and learn the Scout Oath so they could have a good foundation in life. Dave was also passionate in teaching young people an appreciation for the outdoors, whether it was going on an hour long walk in the woods to learn tree identification or going on the many weeklong 50 mile back packing trips he led over the years to Isle Royale.
    One of the many passions Dave had was teaching compassing. And in recent years Dave taught himself the new technology of GPS (global positioning systems) and he purchased many GPS units to be used as teaching aids for the Scouts. Dave’s teaching also extended to spending many weeks during summers at Camp Hiawatha near Munising.
    Dave is a Silver Beaver Award recipient- the highest adult Boy Scout award, and also was given the Red Buck District Merit Award for his dedication to Scouting. Dave was also nominated this past spring to the National Boy Scout Hall of Leadership.
    Though Dave won’t be attending any more Troop activities, he won’t soon be forgotten by Scouts, former Scouts and Scouters who he’s given his time and talents to over the 50 years.

    Boy Scout Troop 466
    Gladstone, MI

    Heartfelt thanks for being such a great role model for Gladstone Troop 466 and especially for our grandson, Nathan.

    Don & Sue Bellville
    Manistique, MI

    I have many fond memories of Mr. Scherff. From Boy Scouts to GHS to snowmobiling, there were always smiles, laughter and learning. He was a kind, generous man who truly cared about the youth of Gladstone and their well-being.
    Rest in peace, sir. You were one of a kind.

    Brian Peterson
    Valley Village, CA

    It’s been many years since I’ve spoke with Dave, I was looking him up to say thank you and I see that he’s passed. My family lived on the same block a few houses down and shared an alley with Dave from 1989 to 1997. My dad was disabled and Dave knew as a young man 10 years old that I needed a mentor and took to me right away. Dave would take a friend of mine and me on many canoe trips and showed us how to portage between lakes and properly maneuver through the water. When we got to be 13 or so, Dave would take us in the woods and show us how to ride his 3 wheeler and shoot rifles, he was always safety contentious of course. Dave knew I grew up on a motorcycle with my dad but he was forced to stop riding when he became disabled so when Dave was taking a 2 week Gold Wing trip from the U.P. to New Mexico, he asked my dad if I could go along! It was probably the best 2 weeks of my life riding through Mount Rushmore, the Million Dollar Hwy, Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad trip and many more memories that will always be with me. This world needs more people like Dave Scherff, thank you for all the great memories and may you R.I.P. forever.

    Was thinking of Mr Scherff resently and all the great times scouting, snowmobiling, and the times filling burlap bags with apples to squeeze cider. Was searching FB and then Boy Scout of America in hopes of giving a long over due thank you. RIP Mr. Scherff.

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