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    Its been almost a year that my dad passed away. And I can honestly say, although I still have very bad days with his passing I can say I am starting to slowly heal from the pain. I miss my dad so much. I still go to the cemetary often. My dad is my all and I will forever have him in my heart. Thank you to Skradski, they did a wonderful job, and for Christmas gave me a beautiful ornament. I can’t thank them enough for all their help and dedication to our family.
    Escanaba, MI

    Dad? I’m here still lurking on this site, still hanging on, trying to make since of this, you passing. I’ve been told many times it was Gods will and I understand, but it does’nt make it easier, sure I can fake a smile and pretend its ok, but deep inside I am crying still and in so much pain. I thought it would get easier, they said it would’nt last, but everyday I cry for you as the hours just fly past. I’m stuck here in this chapter of grief I guess. Even though I only go to your grave sometimes everyday (not two or three anymore) but sometimes a few times a week, mostly to see if all the flowers are in place, and to water the seeds of Kentucky blue grass I planted. I got the bench for you with pretty angels on it and I am placing it this week. I know you may never read this but if you are with me as I type this you will know. I love you Dad. I miss you so much.

    Jen Pease
    Esky, MI

    Hello, Father,, I wanted you to know that your fine now in the arms of GOD, it took me awhile to know that in my heart, it still is hard though at times. but then I pray and GOD assures me that your healty, happy, and you have no worries at all. The family is doing okay I don’t know about grama, but I think GOD whispers in her ear that its all right. Dad I love you and can’t wait until you meet me at Heavens Gates, to see your bright blue eyes. I still have alot of work down here first, but we will meet someday, I LOVE YOU DAD,

    Melissa carr–his baby cakes
    Monroe, MI

    We went to Kentucky (Joe and Jenna and I), I haven’t been to our old house in 22yrs dad. I just could’nt find it and I kept asking you for help and we drove for a very long time and finally I went to ask a guy for help with directions and he said Woodbine isn’t marked or a sign but right out of Corbine you will drive into it, so we drove and I went on pure memory and I seen the rail road tracks and the little store across the street and told Joe to turn here and we drove and there was the house, no numbers on it because it was being resided and the horses were’nt across the street anymore cause a new house is there and the house on the left is covered with trees but I found it and I walked around it. And I buried something there of yours. I know you wanted to buy that house back last summer. I know your spirit visits that houses. Maybe one day I will buy that house and in your honor. We had many good times there. I took Joe and Jenna up to Cucumberland falls too. Man the good times we had there hey dad? It was beautiful just like I remembered. I’m getting better dad. I’m moving on some. I hope you know that I love you. You’ll always be on my mind. xoxo

    Escanaba, MI

    Dave was a good man. He loved everyone like they were family. Even though he was a tough biker on the outside he was all good on the inside. He loved his children, and even though he didnts say it all of the time was very proud of them.

    If you can read this Dave Happey B-Day and I will take care of Jennifer and Jenna for you. Thank you for everything and we will all be there with you one day. So you better start practicing at Madden because I owe you a good butt kicking in football.

    Joe Pease
    Escanaba, MI

    Dearest Dad,

    My dearest dad
    Its your birthday
    today and theres
    not much I can do but here is a poem I offer to you

    Silent tears I cry today
    pretending I am ok
    I feel your hand on my
    shoulder reasuring me
    everthing is ok

    You are with me late at
    night watching the tigers
    three stooges or a good

    When the sky is a shade
    of blue it reminds
    me of those loving eyes
    that once belonged to you

    please always know I love
    you, no once can take your place
    years may come and go
    but your memory will not be erased

    Today Jesus as you are
    listening in your home above
    please go and find my dad
    and give him all my love

    Happy birthday dad I wish
    you were near
    your birthday is’nt so happy
    without you here,


    Escanaba, MI

    Hey uncle Dave how you doing up in heaven. Tell granpa that I love him and tell everyone else up there too that I love them. I miss you and I’ll see you when I come up. Love ya.

    p.s. Tell god that to please forgive me for all the bad. Amen.

    Love always,
    Escanaba, MI

    To my grampa from Jenna:

    My grampa love me he love all of us .He was a good man. Some time he would get me snacks. We wood stay up late waching the wolf man and another movies to and wrestling. He would give me spinach all the time. And made sure I ate all my food. Sometimes he got me pizza. My grampa was a biker, if he could ride right now he would be riding with his long hair down the road. Some of you guys might just no him as a tough biker but if you spend alot of time with him you would know him as a cool dude. My nick name he called me was scoob because we watched scooby doo all the time. my grampa loved sponge bob square pants. When I was sick I went to the dr. I visited him in the hospital for a mintue and he knew I was sick and still let me crawl in bed with him and he rubbed my head when I was sick and we fell asleep together in the hosptial bed. For Christmas he bought me a dog. He was too sick to see me open it this last Christmas. The night my grampa passed was the night I stayed with him the whole night, we had to go home and when we did he passed right away, my mom told my dad he passed away and I woke up and just knew my grampa was in heaven. My grampa loved Kentucky, he wanted to be buried in Kentucky, now I am happy he is buried in Escanaba> When I die I want to be put right next to my grampa. I want to wish my grampa a happy birthday on monday the 13th of July. I love all you guys who read this even if you did’nt know me, if you knew my grampa you were part of my family, from eveyrone from little to big. My grampa was the coolest, best, bike rider in the whole entire world. Love Your Grandauther,

    Jenna Pease
    Escanaba, MI

    My dad was a wonderful, caring man. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him, think about him or cry. I don’t know how long this chapter of greif will be in my life. I don’t mind the tears because with those tears goes my sadness. I’m still lost but I find myself daily. I just want to thank the funeral home for all there hard work and dedication to my father. This funeral home is amazing. Because of all the staff, esp ED, Jeff and everyone my father had an amazing funeral. I will never forget the care they had taken to put a touch of class in everything at the funeral. They were so accomadating to me and my family. Thank you everyone. If I every had to plan a funeral again it would be atSkradski for sure.

    Escanaba, MI

    Hey uncle dave every time when i wake up iIallways look at your picture I miss you so much. I know your in heaven and better but I cant take it why I cant see you no more I love and miss you I’m taking care of grandma like you asked and she is doing fine love you.


    Tina Meek
    Escanaba, MI

    I called him “Uncle Dave” because he made me feel like family; everyone in the house did, even though i’m not blood related. “Granny” always fed me, Gary gave me all the camel dollars he found, and Dave was truly one of the best friends I’ve had. I missed him already because I moved away a few years ago, but this news was sad to me for a few days.

    Now, though, I just feel good that I met and got to know him for a few years because of all the positive influence and the good times we had. My sympathy to the family; I miss you all, and I’ll always remember each of you.

    Orlando, FL

    My grandfather was a great man and also a great grandfather.He was always there for us he is exceptionally missed and loved. Love always your eegore.

    Tasha Childers
    Escanaba, MI

    david was not just a brother in law but a good friend. he was easy to talk to, a good listener, and always treated me with such profound respect. even after not being around him for over 20 yrs he will be sorely missed.my love goes with him. always susanne and samantha

    p.s he was a good diaper changer. baby sitter, mashed potato colorer exp at st pattys day and easter.
    Susanne Bell (past tense murphy)
    Paw Paw, MI

    I will all ways miss my grandpa David. Even though i really did not know him very well i still love him with all my heart . When i saw him my heart broke and my brother was balling tears. We told him that it will be O.K. every time i here his name i start to cry because was just a very special man i will always love him even though i did not know him very well i just still love him and i always will .

    Briana Bubar
    Monroe, MI

    Today the kids (jenna and macy,poochies daughter) went to your grave dad, we drew hearts in the sand and I love you’s. I planted a hanging basket too. I visit your grave site about twice a day. some people can’t go yet it is too early I guess. But for some reason it feels ok and actually heals me somewhat to be around you there. I’m not afraid of that. Little by little I’m healing. One day at a time.

    Esky, MI

    Dad, today I woke up and thought of your laugh, you had a way of making us laugh even when things got rough. I love you so much, I just wish that we had more time to get to know each other better, I am thankful that GOD made a way for us to make up before you passed away, you will forever be remebered, love Missy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Melissa Carr
    Monroe, MI


    I miss you soo much. My life will never be the same without you. You filled the void when Joe had to go to work. You were everything, my night, my light, my breath of air. I miss everything about you. The way you taught me to play poker ad UNO, the way you kept me in line, the way you would always remind me to not talk bad about my mother (your ex wife)even though you had your diffences. You told me to make you proud and do it right with a touch of class. I hope you liked the services Dad. I miss you but I am glad you are not in pain, no more chemo, no more blown out veins no more lung butter, no more pain. I’m lost without you dad. Your my life. When we found out about your cancer I took the ball and ran, We got the benefit dinner together, you got your license back,and got a truck and went downstate and KY. You really wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of. Especialy grama. She will be daddy I promise. I can’t get you off my mind. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat and I feel like I’m gasping for air. You were the life of the party, the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for being my father. Thank you so much. Please daddy make room for me and don’t ever leave my side (your spirit). I’m lost without you Dad. Complety and utterly lost. I”m sooooooooooooo lost. Cancer and Heart ach go side by side. I hate cancer. I love you and I promise you I will never smoke. I will make you proud dad. You are my everything. I love you daddddddddddd! xoxoxoxoxo

    P.s. I know you were a crab in your final days but I know you were in pain and that it was the cancer talking and not you. I know you yelled at the kids and did’nt want them around but I also know when they left you felt guilty. Because of you, you thought those kids how to be loyal and Tavi took his shirt off his back and put it in your casket just like his grampa would have. Yeah you could have been mean at times but you had a heart and really felt bad about that after words. I know you spoiled the kids and always wanted them to have fun, I know you felt bad for yelling at them. So I took them to the carnival dad and in your name because I wanted them to have fun and not cry because that is what you would have wanted. I honor you dad. I would have taken you to Kentucky just like you wanted but you change your mind a few weeks ago and I honored that. You are always sending me signs now dad, thank you. Thank you for everything. I’m always gonna be your little girl. I miss you. I miss your hair and your lips to put the chapstick on when you were sick, I miss even cleaning out that yucky bowl you spit in, I miss your smile and your guidance. I got my class from you and I will always carry that to thru life. xoxoxo Its not good by but more like SEE YAH REAL SOON.

    P.s.s. Dad I’m going to be going to Kentucky really soon and I am burying something special in that spot you and I and Larry picked out, just for you ok dad.

    Esky, MI

    Dave will be sadly missed by all

    Sherri/Floyd Lancour
    Rapid River, MI

    Dave, I will always treasure my memories when we were children and growing up, and as we grew older. I will miss you so much, big brother, God has given you peace now and we will meet again, Love you, Your Sis, Sonia

    Sonia Warner
    Menominee, MI

    I havent been around my uncle Dave for years. But before he died I made peace with him, Im just sad I couldnt reconnect with him. I will always remember uncle dave as a loving strong person, I Love my family too. He has touched soo many people, and I was just so happy he had alot of people that loved and cared for him. I Love You uncle Dave. Love Mongoose (Jet)

    Jessica Marie Foster
    Madison, WI

    Dear David, I just want to say I am grateful for the journey that you have shared with me. I am so proud of the man that you became. You set an example for me and I’m sure for many others, you never complained no matter how hard it was. My memories include a man that was always loyal to me and mine, even when we would get into arguments you were always fair and we had the same goal.” To make things better not worse”. You never held a grudge. I am going to miss you. Love always and in my heart. Sharon

    Sharon Murphy
    Rapid River, MI

    My deepest sympathies to you at this time of loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sharon Reisner
    Escanaba, MI

    Dave has not just been a true and good friend of mine but has been like a bother to me for more than 20 years. He will be truely missed by not just me but many others. We’ll miss you Dave.

    Larry Kersey
    Williamsburg, KY

    I will always rember my uncle dave because the fun things me and him did and i will be his wawa neice. love you uncle dave always tina

    Tina Meek
    Escanaba, MI

    We love n miss u love Timothy n kayla meek

    Escanaba, MI

    To the murphy family sorry for your loss and very sorry i couldn’t make it to the service. He will always be in my heart also i am very glad that i got to know him the last couple years.

    Christina Gerdeen
    Escanaba, MI

    at this time i want to send my deepest sympathy to the faimly he will be missed by all that knew alot love wendy

    Wendy Bubar
    Monroe, MI

    Dave,Was a Good Man.He was my Husband at one time.Out of our marriage we have 4 Wonderful Children.Sure we had are up’s and down’s but we had more good times then bad. I’ll always Remember him. There’s a Speical place in my Heart for Him. We did keep in touch at times.It’s too bad this had to happin to him.He was sweet,caring,funny,he had a warm heart too.He was happy go lucky.And I’ll never Forget him. He is with Jesus now no more pain or suffering now.May God Bless His Family.Love Debi.

    Debi Smith
    Monroe, MI

    Dave, its been 3yrs since I last saw you, and I miss you so much. I have been thinking about you all day, and I love you. You are never far from my thoughts, and Always in my Heart. Love you,

    Your sis, Sonia

    You are always in my heart and reside within the best parts of my soul. I love you till time and beyond.

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