Arthur Pickard

Resided in Gladstone, MI
Died September 15, 2008

Arthur H. Pickard, age 79, of 553 North 8th Street, Gladstone, died Monday afternoon September 15, 2008 at the Christian Park Village, in Escanaba, where he was a resident.
Arthur was born July 29, 1929, in Gladstone, the son of August and Eva (Dahn) Pickard. He attended the All Saints School and the Gladstone High School, graduating in 1947. Arthur went on to enlist in the Air Force of the United States Army and received an honorable discharge in 1950. He began studying at the University of Detroit and graduated with a Bachelor of Philosophy degree in 1955.


2 Tributes for “Arthur Pickard

    Although I had not talked to Art in years, I had the privilege to pray with Art years ago with him and Father Jed at All Saints. God bless you, Dr. Pickard and God bless your family.
    Former All Saints Parish member.

    What a wonderful man Art was. I have many wonderful memories of him through All Saints Church.He is a special man and the Lord now has his son at home. He will be saddly missed.

    Escanaba, MI

    When I think of Art, I think of when our daughter Jessica was attending Holy Name School 1st Grade. He was superintendant at the time.

    Jessica has freckles. The kids were picking on her and making her feel bad. Art took Jessica a side. Knowing that Jessica was his little cousin. He took Jessica under his wing.

    Art sat with Jessica and told her how precious her freckles were. He explained how her freckles were love kisses and a gift from God in Heaven.

    Since then Jessica never felt bad about her freckles again, and others could no longer hurt her feelngs.

    Our conolence to the entire Pickard family,

    Jan Kidd-Dahn and John Dahn
    Escaanba, MI

    Dear Family of the most Gentle Man I Know,

    My condolences on the passing of Arthur. I will truly miss running into him in the community and at All Saints Church. He touched my life in many ways. His greetings, his smile, his handshake and his queries about my children made me feel so special, like he truly cared for us and I know he did. God Bless you, Art. Be at peace now with the Father. Your friend and former neighbor.

    Dorothy J. Kollmann
    Rapid River, MI

    My sadness for the illness and death of a dear friend and former classmate is balanced by cherished memories — most recently, our 60th GHS class reunion last year. Art and I corresponded during his diagnosis and illness, and he called me his “guardian angel.” I like to think of him now being with all the angels, free from pain and singing his heart out.

    Maureen (Aggie) Cannon
    Eagan, MN

    Dr. Arthur Pickard, just the name itself is respectful and uplifting. My Uncle Art was a wonderful man, respected by all. He brought culture into my world at a very young age, having traveled and/or taught in Turkey, Indonesia, and Greece, just to name a few. Whenever I would receive a gift from him, it was so special. I knew that it came from a place way across the other side of the world, and this was exciting! I loved to hear him sing and play the piano, and his voice was that of an Angels. His love for education was phenominal. I remember when I told him I would attend college after graduation. He was thrilled! And now, 25 years later, when I went back to college, he was amazed and so supportive. He always took time to visit with us when we went to Mom’s house, my kids thought he was pretty amazing too. Although he never fathered any children, he was a father to many. I’m glad I had the chance to tell him that and spend time with him a few weeks ago. It also gave me the chance to get to know my Uncle Don better. I feel that this was a gift from Uncle Art. I will miss those times, his smile, and the wonderful love that he had for me. He was the Lord’s blessing to our family, and many others as well.

    Dorothy Helgestad
    Bessemer, MI

    Dear Peggy and family, I was so sorry to hear that your Uncle Art had passed away. Please accept my sincere sympathy.

    Cherie Winchester
    Grand Rapids, MI

    To my “Dear Cousin” a greeting I return to you after having received it hundreds of times. You will forever be amazing. Most people have no idea of your accomplishments because you didn’t brag, but while in college I did a story in journalism and had the opportunity to hear in fascination of your journeys. Thank you for bringing our family from Belgium to visit and thank you for always making me smile. My children will miss you dearly as you loved them so much and they you. You were beyond brilliant dear cousin..and I will forever miss you and your beautiful voice.

    AnnMarie Jasso
    Gladstone, MI

    Art was always a pleasant person to meet up with. He always gave a two-handed hand shake. You always knew he was truely glad to see you. We will miss him.

    Friends of his,

    Jim & Lois Yirsa
    Naples, FL

    We wish to offer our sympathy to the Pickard family. Art was a friend of ours since third grade and we highly respected him throughout the years. We will have a mass offereed at All saints from him and his family.

    Arthur and Mary Lou (Venne) Thivierge
    Signal Mountain, TN

    Art was a true statesman and caring individual. I am pleased to have known Art. He always asked about my family. He had a wonderful smile and great out look on life. I am sure he touched many people in Gladstone and whereever he was.

    A friend
    Gladstone. MI

    I was saddened to hear of Mr. Pickard’s passing, but will celebrate his life and try to live up to the lessons he taught me while in school. I remember him as a wonderful, uplifting man who was passionate about teaching. The world is a better place, and I am a better human being for having known Mr. Pickard. May you rest in peace, sir.

    Brian Peterson
    Valley Village, CA

    You were a great friend to my parents, Joe and Bev Bal, Art. Honoring your memory brings back fond memories of them enjoying your company.

    Toni Bal
    Grand Rapids, MI

    Art’s cheerful greetings, his love of art, his interest in life and his service will be greatly missed by all of us at the Gladstone Senior Center Non-Profit Corporation. The Board will place a memorial plaque in Art’s memory noting his years of service.

    Leora G. Andrews
    Gladstone, MI

    My cousin, Art, was one of my favorite people. He was always interested in our family and what each one was doing. He loved my community, the Sisters of St. Joseph, because he always remembered how good the sisters were to his family when he attended All Saints Grade School. He and my mom, Evie, celebrated birthdays on the same day, July 29th, and he would always bring Mom flowers on her day and she would always have some baked goodies for him. He entered the lives of so many people and was so respected by them. He will be missed especially by our family. Art died on his cousin Joe’s (my dad’s) birthday, and I can only imagine the welcome he got when he arrived HOME! My condolences to Art’s brothers and sisters and to their families.

    Sister Jo Ann Creten
    Atlanta, GA

    My family is friends with Dr. Pickard and I also knew him as my principal at Holy Name. Dr. Pickard stood at the doors every morning and greeted all the students as they came in for classes. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized what an incredibly caring gesture that was. He was genuine, caring and extremely intelligent. I was in awe with the stories that he would share about his travels. Dr. Pickard will be sorely missed. May God hold Dr. Pickard in the palm of his hand.

    Jennifer Harris
    Torrance, CA

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