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    Dear Josie and Family, our thought and prayers are with you. We first met Art when he started working at WalMart as a greeter. What a wonderful person. He always had ask how things were going and tell us to keep the faith. He always hugged my daughter and gave 5 to my son when he was little. He was a ray of sunshine at the front door of Walmart and it was a sure sign of spring to see Art back at the door greeting. My favorite memory of Art was the day he was going to propose to Josie, he was so excited like a giddy schoolboy. His excitement was contageous, we were left hanging as to the results until he came back. Now the doorway of WalMart will never be the same, the “light” is gone. But, he lives on in our hearts and memories and hopefully we will become better people remembering him and his goodness. Alex will miss him most – no more hi 5’s. God is lucky to have such a great angel!
    Lenita Scholer, Trina & Alex Williams
    Gladstone, MI

    I first met Art when I had a little store on South 15th St in the late 90s where I sold ice cream cones out the side window. He would come to get a cone almost daily for his wife Nellie who was in the nursing home.

    Then he started to work at Walmart while I worked there. What a wonderful spiritual christian man. He is already missed at the entrance of Walmart.

    I will not be able to be at the services on May 3rd due to First Communion at St. Anne’s.
    Josie you have and will continue to be in my prayers. God Bless You and Yours.

    Barbara A Nelson
    Escanaba, MI

    We Love You Uncle Art, you will be greatly missed.

    Love, Marlene & Linda & Families

    Marlene Milodrowski
    Macomb, MI

    Art will sadly be missed by me,i met Art in the winter of 1993 while visiting my mom at Pinecrest nurseing home he was visiting your mom Nellie at the time.It was a bad winter and Art would always ask me when I was leaving to go back to Gladstone.He wanted me to follow him to Esky to make sure he made it home OK.He was driving a station wagon at the time and i went up there everyday to see my mom and he would usually get there after he left Kobosic furniture,your mom would always ask if i saw Art yet.My mom left Pinecrest in 1995 and came home to Gladstone,we bought a lift chair from Art at Kobosic and then everytime mom and I would run into him at Wal Mart, my mom passed away in 2002 but I would still see Art at WalMart.I already miss seeing his smiling face he will be greatly missed.God Bless you all

    Michael Weir
    Gladstone, MI

    I knew Art and I will miss him.

    Edward Stacey
    Escanaba, MI

    We want to extend our deepest sympathy to the Jasmund family, it’s so very difficult to loose a husband/father/grandfather, We first met Art & Josie through our next-door neighbors, Paul & Marina Sullivan, we always enjoyed talking to both of them, lots of times @Walmart. Josie hang on to all the wonderful memories you had together till youre together again in heaven, God Bless you & all youre family!!!!

    Dale R Winchester & Sherry
    Gladstone, MI

    I too have known Art for many years. What a kind, friendly, gentle person. He would come into our office from time to time always smiling and eager to “catch up.” He had a real love for his family and his wife Josie. I will miss him at the Wal-mart door greeting me when I come in. Art was a pleasure to know and will always be remembered!

    Kathy Wolak
    Escanaba, MI

    As I read all the wonderful things said about my friend, Art, I realize I must be one of a million people his love and concern has touched. I always felt like a “beautiful lady” after seeing him, just because he told me so. I worked w/Art at Kobasics for many years. He was so dedicated to all he loved. I’m sure his passing will leave a huge void in your life and a hole in your hearts.

    “It will be the little things that you remember, the quiet moments, the smiles, the laughter. And although it may seem hard right now, it will be the memories of these little things that help to push away the pain and bring the smiles back again.” I am sharing in your sorrow with loving memories…I can’t help but smile just thinking about him. Heaven, if possible, is a better place now.

    Bonnie Peterson
    Bark River, MI

    To our beloved Grandpa Art-we will miss you and your visits to Indiana. But my best memories are of Thanksgiving in lower Michigan when I was growing up. The house was always full and loud and Grandma was in the kitchen making mountains of food for all of us. Art had his quirks, but that is what made him special. We are thinking of all of you up north and wish you all peace and comfort in this time of loss.

    Kathy Gressel Anderson
    Indianapolis, IN

    Dear Josie,

    I was so sorry to hear of Art’s passing. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May the peace of God be with you all. Dorothy

    Dorothy Lamberg Kollmann
    Escanaba, MI

    Dear Josie, Bob, Debbie, Ruth, Janie, Roseann, Pat, Nick and all of you, My mind is full of memories of Art, you and yours, and family members who are together again. I’ve been privileged to be a part of this family since the ’60’s–from family gatherings in Mt.Clemens and the U.P., enjoying Nell’s cooking, working with Art in Gladstone and Lower MI, to going out to eat with Art, Josie, Debbie and my Dad- Lawrence Wils, in Escanaba, about a year and a half ago! Art has helped me in countless ways. I was happy he and Josie visited me in Fallbrook, CA. The memories we all have are precious, and will give us many happy thoughts to help sustain us and to carry on Art’s good will. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Barbara Wils Royer
    Portales , NM

    I was around (Pops) Arthur T. for 54 years and he had worked for me for 20 of those years not only as an employee but became my mentor and guiding light. I’m so glad that he and Josie drove out to CA in 2007 to see me and I was able to speak with him on the phone a week before he had passed away.

    Even though we ended up thousands of miles away we still remained close. I will always pray for him as he asked and keep him in my thoughts forever. Gene Royer

    Eugene C. Royer
    Palm Desert, CA

    I worked with Art for his first couple of years at Wal-Mart. He was a joy to know and work with. I feel blessed to have known him and an sorry I will not be in attendance to meet the family he was so proud of because of my extended stay in Texas. Josie, please know that I am praying for you and the rest of the family.

    Donna Rafuse
    Rapid River, MI

    I am half way around the world and unable to attend the tribute to one very fine human being. But I pass on my condolences to the family of Art and to all his other friends. We suffer a great loss in his absence.

    The community lost a great ambassador of civility and friendliness. How many of us purposely walked in and out the north door of WalMart just see Art’s smiling face and hear his kindly greetings? And most of all….. his parting blessings!

    Be assured Art rests in peace. That is how he lived his life.

    Retired Sheriff Gary Carlson
    Gladstone, MI

    My very deepest sympathies to Josie and to her and Art’s family. Art and Josie are like grandparents to me I love them both very dearly, I will treasure our visits always, it meant so much to me that they came and seen me before they left to winter in Florida. In the morning I say a Hail Mary in front of the statue Josie got me-one Hail Mary on their behalf and one for me. I love you Art and I love you Josie and I am here for you when you need me-thanks for being special angels in my life.
    Love, Gina Verbrigghe

    Josie, I am sorry, I did not know that you both were back home-I wish I could have been there for you-I will keep you both in my prayers and you both are always in my heart. I will be here for you.

    Gina Verbrigghe
    Escanaba, MI

    What an absolute sweetheart of a man!

    Dr. Bill Finlan
    Gladstone, MI

    My name is Becky Arkens and I work at the Delta Co. Credit Union in Wells…..Art was such a “ray of sunshine”. He would come in and say “how are all you beautiful ladies today?” Then on his way out the door, not before talking with me about our beloved Tigers, would say…”God Bless”. He was a wonderful, intellegent man and will be sadly missed by myself and everyone here at the credit union.

    Becky Arkens
    Escanaba, MI

    The family of Art Jasmund,

    I just wanted to say, how sorry we are at the passing of such a kind man. His greetings,obvious faith in God, gentle smile and kind words will surely be missed. What a large loss to Walmart and mankind as a whole.


    The Peterson family
    Daryl Peterson
    Bark River, MI

    Art was one of the nicest co-workers I ever had to pleasure to work with. His smile and friendliness will live on forever in the hearts of many.

    Art was Wal-Mart’s nicest greeter ever.

    Carol Majestic
    Escanaba, MI

    May God’s peace by with Art’s family. Art was a very special person. My wife Julie and I always saw Art and Josie at the senior dinners in Gladstone. Walmart will never be quite the same without his smiling face. He was a real Marty Robbins fan. He will be greatly missed. Every time I sing ElPaso I will be thinking of Art. God must have needed the best greeter He could find for those entering Heaven. Hope to see you there someday. Harlond & Julie Foster in Gladstone.

    Harlond Lee Foster Sr.
    Gladstone, MI

    Art brightened every day that I saw him. It was a please to have know him and I will miss his smiling face and “God Bless” when I enter Walmart. My thoughts and prayers are with Art’s wife and family. The community has lost one of it’s finest people.

    Brady L. Nelson
    Escanaba, MI

    My boyfriend, Mike Weir, introduced me to “Art” at WalMart one day many years ago. Art’s previous wife, whom passed away, was at Pinecrest along with Mike’s mom. They became fast friends. We enjoyed seeing Art everytime we went to WalMart. We have been introduced to Arts’ wife Josephine also and realized that he and his wife are very special people indeed. The world has lost a very special person. We will miss him very much.

    Mike Weir and Mary Le May
    Gladstone, MI

    I have had the pleasure to work with “Mr. Art” as his manager in a furniture and appliance retail store in Escanaba for many years. Art was the kindest, most honest and gentle individual I’ve ever met. Besides playing a game of competative pool or watching the Tiger’s or grandson play his favorite game of baseball, his devotion to his family and close friends was second to none. Particularly the care he provided for his previous love and wife of many years, Nell, whom he spent countless hours with while in a nursing home spending time with her morning noon and night until her passing. His devotion to his life partner has continued with his current love and wife Josie. What a wonderful man to have known. When ever I hear someone say “God Bless”, Art’s favorite way of saying goodbye to a friend, I will always think of him. I guess it’s my turn to say with a heavy heart,…. May God Bless You Art! I’ll miss you!

    Jeff Kobasic
    Escanaba, MI

    Art was the best person that i will ever know. He taught me so much over the years about everything from life to baseball and anything else that he could share his knowledge about. He lived a great life and will surely be missed.

    Nick Ketcham
    Escanaba, MI

    Thanks Mr. J for your help at an early time in my life when I needed it most. It is because of you and your commitment to decency that I have passed through this life with some semblance of humbleness and respect. Basic principles that our Lord deems essential for the life here after. My hope is to see you and the rest of the family on my way to the other side. Rest in peace and Bob is on his way home to see you.

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