Anthony Weber

Resided in Bark River, MI
Died January 24, 2005

Anthony (Tony) Phillip Weber Jr. , of 1062 H-Way M-35, Bark River, passed away Sunday afternoon, January 30,2005.
He was born in Houghton, Michigan on July 30,1945. He spent his childhood in Hobart, Indiana, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania and Griffith, Indiana. He was a graduate from Griffith High School in 1963. Tony earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University Calumet in 1967. He worked as an Industrial Engineer at U.S.Steel in Gary, Indiana. Tony was called to serve his country in the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam War from 1969 to 1971. He returned to U.S.Steel until 1976. That year, he moved to Escanaba, Michigan in search of a better environment and a more meaningful life. He found both.

Tony lived in a cozy Cabin along the shore of Green Bay. He joined the wonderful staff at the Community Action Agency where he spent 26 years helping individuals with the agency

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    Just a note to the Weber family,
    I was so sorry to hear of the loss of Mr. Weber. I remember him kidding me relentlessly over the years. I certainly enjoyed verbally sparring with him.

    During the years our paths were crossed, I always felt welcome in your home and Mr. Weber was a big reason for that.

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences and also please be sure to give Kerry and her family my very best.

    Larry Matovina
    Griffith, IN

    May God comfort and strengthen you during your sorrow. Tony is with our Lord and probably having a ball up there.
    Sharon L. Reisner
    Escanaba, MI


    I just wanted to say you will be missed soooo much. You made us laugh like no buddy else could. You could turn my bad day into crying day because you had me laughing so hard. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. We know you’re in a beautiful place and not suffering anymore. I know you are making everyone laugh up there. Love you and will always remember you.


    Gladstone, MI

    Tony & I go way back and have so many fond memories together. For a few years we were part of a group that would leave work @ 4:30 on Fridays and go to Baron’s Bar. We had no fun at all… There’s the mini-war Tony & I had when his hairline first started to recede it looked like an empty billboard so I stamped his forehead with our agency’s return address stamp. We went back & forth with pranks until his final one where taped linburger cheese under my typing table and I thought that I had some sort of mysterious female problem & was ready to call the Dr.s office. *I also talked Tony into going cross country skiing with a group of us on Martin Luther King Day (back then it was a holiday for us). A few of us more experienced skiers took a longer trail and Sue Rivard, Sally Harris & Tony supposedly took a shorter trail as they had never skied. Lo & behold, I get done from skiing & they are still no longer in sight and should have been back long before me. It was getting dark out and still no sign. Finally, right before dark I see the three of them practicalaly crawling up the wrong way of the beginning of the trail. They had ended up on one of the expert trails and let me tell you, they were not happy with me. Needless to say, that was the last time Tony went skiing. I will miss Tony greatly, but will also treasure the fond memories as they will always put a smile on my face 🙂

    Cathy Pearson


    What can I say except THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! I was never able to locate a copy of the tape you said you had titled “FARTS AROUND THE WORLD” Guess it was a special one time only edition like you!

    Love Sandra Johnson
    Escanaba, MI

    I will (and have) missed Tony greatly since he has been off of work. He always made my day by playing practical jokes on me all of the time and making me laugh until I cried. We always ate lunch together and he kept close tabs on me. If I was off he would always ask everyone, where’s Gayle. I miss him greatly, my deepest sympathy goes out to the family. Tony was a great guy. We all loved him but he is free of pain now and watching over us from up above. I will always treasure the memories I have of him. Love and miss you Tony.

    Escanaba, MI

    My memories of Tony will always make me smile. He was the type of person that would play jokes to make people laugh, especially when they were having a bad day. He would take my snacks out of my desk and put the wrappers back so it would look like none were taken. I could always count on Tony for a good laugh. Now he is out of pain and playing little jokes on the angels, along with our other buddy, Kelby. I will always remember Wednesday nights with the gang at Baron’s Bar.

    Teresa Schwalbach
    Marquette, MI

    My dear Tony, Oh how I am going to miss you so much. This is really hard. You have been a best friend and co-worker. For 11 years we’ve sat across from each other, knowing everytting about each of us. You made me laugh when I needed too, cry when I didn’t want to, like now. You made my days go by fast at work. I’ll never forget all the jokes and hust you being you. Will join you someday soon. Save me a good spot in the sun. You know that’s where I’ll be. With loving memories

    Your friend forever,

    Jill Johnson
    Escanaba, MI

    Tony was a great friend. He had such a great sense of humor. We had lost touch of each other but will always have fond memories of the days we would go to the bars during the disco days.
    I will pray for you Tony and your family.

    Loren Anderson
    Escanaba, MI

    Tony will be greatly missed by his CAA family. His sense of humor can never be replaced. Even when he was so sick, he still said and did things to make you laugh! He was a pleasure to be around. It’s just not the same at CAA without him.

    Sally Kidd
    Escanaba, MI

    Weber Family – No words can express the deep sorrow I feel for all of you…..

    I have fond memories of the disco days – I’ll never forget the dancing and the disco lights. Everyone having a good time!

    May God’s blessing give you strength to endure the days ahead…….

    Jean M. Viau
    Escanaba, MI

    I was an Inspector in the Bob Marsh & Al Sohaney areas for 20 Years, then a Safety Engineer for 10 years. I never knew there was a Tony Weber Jr., but I remember Tony Sr. well. I am very sorry to read about the untimley death of your son.

    Best Regards,

    Randy Mc Euen.
    Hobart, IN

    To all of the Weber family, I am so sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. Cherish all the good memories that he gave to you all.


    Rick Zeller
    Griffith, IN

    Dear Weber Family, I was terribly saddened to read of Tony’s death in this morning’s paper. During the years our lives were crossed I found Tony to be a terrific guy. I always enjoyed his humor and that certain flair he possessed. From what I read, it sounds as though Tony discovered the peace and sence of purpose he was looking for back in 1976. Though life has taken many turns, I’ve always held all of you very fondly in my heart over the many years that have past. I hope all of your lives have been blessed many times over. Tony touched a chord in all who knew him. Remember the things that made him who he was and you’ll always have him with you. Many years have passed, but it seems like only yesterday that I was driving up to your house and there would be Tony, washing that Buick Riveria. That car was his pride and joy for sure. Please be sure to give Kerry my best of thoughts. Anyway, I don’t want to ramble and I need to get back to work. I wish you all the best from my family to yours. Sincerest regards,

    Larry Matovinam

    Our deepest sympathy to all the Weber family. Being your former Griffith neighbor always brings back fond memories of all of you. I’ll always remember Tony teaching Lynn and I how to do the mashed potatoes in your basement and drinking all the Coke you had in your house. What a treat since my Mom never gave us to much pop. I haven’t forgotten the tent we all piled into in your back yard. Never a mean word from Tony, always the sweetheart. The house next door to Dads will always be the “Weber House” to us. Tony will always be in our prayers. The Kus’s

    Janet Ristic (Kus)
    Crown Point, IN

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