Alan Szukalowski

Resided in Escanaba, MI
Died October 21, 2007

Alan H. Szukalowski, age 38, of Escanaba, beloved father and son, went to be with the Lord Wednesday October 31, 2007. Al

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    Mr. Szukalowski was one of the most warm hearted people I know. During the rougher patch in my life, he was there to support me and lead me down a better path. I just can’t believe he is gone, but he will definitely Never be forgotten. I know he is watching over us and we will all see him again one day…
    Brittany M. Hickson
    Auburn Hills, MI

    I loved him so much.

    He my favorire uncle

    Cassie Szukalowski
    Escanba, MI

    He was my uncle and I love him.

    Cassie Szukalowski
    Escanba, MI

    Alan was my counseler at Bay Pines Center, but he was also a close friend. Alan and I continued being friends after I got out on my own. Him and I were the only ones that loved Batman. I am very thankful for all he has done for me and my family, he will be thought of all the time and will be missed very much!!!!!!

    Tasa Lynn Homa
    Daggett, MI

    My memories of Al go all the way back to when I was little and rode the big school bus out in watson. Your whole family has always been loved by the whole community and my heartfelt and deepest condolences go out to you and the whole family. Our prayers go out to you.

    Brandon & Tammi (Reynolds) Hill
    Cooks, MI

    I worked with Al at BPC for the last five years. Al “took me under his wings” as he liked to tell everyone and taught me everything I knew! He made working fun and everyday was exciting and unpredictable with him around. We all loved sitting around on Sunday mornings and hearing all about Al’s weekend adventures!

    Al was also so caring and kind. If I mentioned I wasn’t feeling too good he would run to the kitchen and cook me up some of his Double Noodle Soup. He also protected me and kept me safe throughout my many (Three) pregnancies. In fact, if I didn’t call for help fast enough, Al would be the first to scold me!

    I am very thankful for the five wonderful years I got to be friends with Al. He left me with so many great memories, I will miss him so much.

    Deb LaFave
    Bethesda, MD

    My thoughts and prayers are with Al’s family and friends. I went to high school with him and my heart broke when I heard the news. I will always have special memories of my friend, Szuk.

    Becky Sather Martinson
    Avon, MN

    I was deeply saddened when I heard the news. Hoping the entire Szukalowski family can find some measure of peace during this very sad time. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Shelli (Groleau) Huss & Family
    Combined Locks, WI

    We will really miss “Albert” (as my husband would call him!) at hunting camp. His stuffed shells were the best! We just wish he could have spent more time down our way. He was so devoted to his work and the kids at BPC. We will also always remember Al saying this, “I’ll be down around 2:30 with a load of cabbage”, and his stories about Fido!

    Aaron and Carrie Farley
    Fayette, MI

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Jerry and Angela Hansen
    Green Bay, WI

    Dear Mrs. Szukalowski,

    I don’t know if you remember me. I’m one of Al’s friends from downstate, and we spoke a few times on the phone…you even sent me a picture of Al (a few years ago), from the time when he lived with you after your husband died.

    I just learned today (11/6) that Al is gone, and I am so sorry that such a bright spark is gone from this world. I really regret that I didn’t know in time to come to his funeral. I just wanted you to know that the Al I knew was a wonderfully loving and supportive man. There was never a time in the five years that I knew him that he didn’t cheer me on and wish me God’s blessings. I have to believe that I will see him again someday, in Heaven.

    When my sister died unexpectedly a year ago, Al was a tower of strength and wonderfully supportive. I will ALways be grateful for that. Your son was a very fine man.

    I know that your loss is greater than mine. Please know, however, that Al’s passing has left a huge, HUGE hole in my heart. He was one of my dearest friends, and I will miss him ALways.

    With much Love and Care for you and your family,

    Beverly Davenport
    Okemos, MI

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family- I went to high school with Al and spent many a day with him and Dan Viitala-

    Chris “Bucky” Peterson
    Marion, IL

    I am so sorry about this tragic loss! I was a freind of Al’s in High School, though who wasn’t!!! I know I will remember his funny comments and wonderful personality…and that is what I will keep with me!

    Gwinn, MI

    My thoughts have been focused all week on Al. I am hopeful he has found peace. I went to high school with Al…our lockers were right next to each other all throughout school. I considered Al a great friend and a wonderful presence in my life. When I think of him, I will smile and remember his kindness, his generosity, his sense of humor and his smile. My prayers are with his entire family.

    Jodi (Syrja) Goldbeck
    Madison, WI

    Ruth, Alisa, Matthew, Marvin, Helen, Kortni & Rhonda,

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this most sorrowful time of your lives.
    Al is not with us physically, but he will remain in our hearts and minds forever. Whatever happened that night, only God knows, and we know that was not the Al we all knew and loved.
    Ask God to help us heal from this tragic event and we also pray for Kristi’s family.

    Paulita & Darryl
    Marquette, MI

    I will never forget Al. He was a wonderful person and I feel so blessed that I was able to know him, work with him and call him my friend. He was always there with a joke, smarta** comment, shoulder to lean on, whatever you needed at the time. He was a selfless person and I respected him for always saying “the way it was”(even if I disagreed). He wasn’t afraid to speak up and stand behind what he thought was right, which is why he worked so well with the kids at BPC. I know we all have so many questions and no truer words were spoken than the “last minutes on this earth were not reflective of the man we knew”. I could go on and on, my thoughts and prayers are with both families and may God and time heal each of you. I keep going back to seeing Al at Walmart last November, we stood in the aisle and talked for over an hour-time always flew when you were with him–and the last time I saw him was at the White Birch, we were able to have a few drinks and laughs, I will cherish the time we spent and I will always remember him as a good “partner” at work, wonderful friend and always smiling.

    Kelly Arnold
    Escanaba, MI

    Dear Alan’s family,

    We just had to let you know you’re in our heartfelt thoughts and prayers. May Jesus wrap His arms around you at this sad time in your lives- and may it bring comfort knowing many share in your sadness.

    Dan, Chuck and Kathy Seronko
    Gladstone, MI

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Bottom line, Al was a true class act and a primary example of what a friend should be to man kind…truly!

    Al was a huge country music fan and would call to play trivia or just request a song from time to time on the station I worked for at the time…WYKX. Anyhow, I’ll never forget the first time he called with his world famous opening line of “Hey Tommy K., it’s my brother from another mother”…never failed to make me laugh. He had called to answer my trivia question and of course got it right. I asked him for his name, to which he responded with “Big Al Szukalowski”. I said, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to get you to spell that one for me, Al.” He simply stated that it was just as easy to spell as any other good old fashioned American name like Smith or Anderson. This whole scenario was on the air and he just had me in stitches the entire time. I ended the bit with telling him that between his voice and his stellar quick wit, he should consider a career in radio…seriously! He also ended up helping me with can-a-thon the last year I was at the station. Every day he would get there for 6am or so and put in 8 or 9 hours of time with me standing in front of Elmer’s and helped me load the truck and deliver the food where it needed to go and then it was off to work for an 8-10 hour shift for him. As someone mentioned here before, “this was Al!”

    We love you, Al. Thanks for everything you did in life…for everyone. May God bless & keep you and be with your entire family with his love, grace and mercy. I’ll be thinking of you on Thanksgiving Day when the Lions & Packers play. Go Detroit!!!!

    Tommy Kareckas
    Escanaba, MI

    Kortni and family,

    I have read your dad’s obituary over & over again. I could not agree more, especially…..”his last few minutes on this earth were not reflective of the man we knew.” We remember your dad as always being so upbeat, so much fun, & most importantly having so much love for his little girl. My husband Tom worked with your dad at Bay Pines. Your dad was so much more than just a co-worker, he was a friend to both Tom & I. I remember calling Tom at Bay Pines in the evenings, if your dad answered, he would always make some comment that would have me laughing. My husband would often come home from work & talk about something “Al did” & we would both laugh. What a jokester! I recall seeing the 2 of you at the Fair this summer. He was so proud of you. Kortni, we all have so many unanswered questions at this time, but one thing is certain….”God’s love his here, to surround you, to strengthen you, to carry you.” God Bless You!!!

    Tom & Tammy Wetthuhn
    Gladstone, MI

    Where do I start? Al was a great guy. He would do anything for anyone. He was such a jokester….and terrible hunter…which is why we are going to miss him at hunting camp this year. You could always count on a good laugh from Al after a long night of hunting. He hardly ever seen a deer…and swore we were setting him up in the worst spot possible. And I’ll miss all the arguements about who was better..Lions or Packers. (Packers of course) Al had so many “buddies”….and touched the lives of so many people. He will never be forgotten. We love you Al!

    Trina Nedeau
    Fayette, MI


    A wounderful nephew, careing, funny, helpful, what a tease he was. His happy smiling face will be missed

    Auntie D.
    Escanaba, MI

    There isn’t enough room to write all of the funny and treasured stories about Al. He will be greatly missed by his many friends. He made us all laugh and will live on forever in our hearts. Rhonda, Kortni, Al’s family, and Kristi’s family are all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Mikko and Christine Aalto
    Hawley, MN

    Yesterday, I attended the memorial service for Al and Kristy at Bay Pines Center, the number of lives they both touched there is uncountable. The children shared memories, poems and songs, laughs and tears. Their guidance will continue and be everlasting in these childrens lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

    Jackie Hughes & family
    Gladstone, MI

    I recently heard of Alan’s passing. I knew Alan in High School and also up until the time I left Michigan, in 1994 (Al was my Postman and I would feed him cookies)…as well as Marv, Lisa and Helen. Alan had a zest for life, which all makes this situation so much more hard to understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you all (entire family). I know your loss is great. I especially feel for Lisa as she has had Alan by her side from conception (I, too, have twins and know that bond is special). I will keep Alan’s picture in my mind and his comedic presence in my heart. May God’s hand be on your shoulders during this time and may He guide you to a place of understanding and acceptance.

    Carrie (Smale) Galvez
    Great Falls, MT

    When I moved to Milwaukee 4 years ago, besides my Mother, Al called every day to ensure I was OK. He told me how proud of me he was, and ALWAYS made me feel like I was number one. This was Al. He was like a brother to me. Kind, hilarious, and most of all annoying. (My hair was never just right in his eyes and he felt he had to let me know evertime he seen me.)The first time he told me, I wanted to sock him, from then on it was an on going joke. …May Al help our Detroit Lions make it to the playoffs. Most of all, may God Bless Al and his family. He will be forever greatly missed.

    Milwaukee, WI

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