Healing and grief is not an event but a process that can go on for months and years. Skradski Family Funeral Homes have the only full-time grief facilitator in the Upper Peninsula to help even after the funeral is over.

Lisa Myers, grief facilitator for Skradski Family Funeral Homes, says "A professional grief counselor assists people to return to a level of emotional functioning skills and also enables them to return to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible, this is true wether you lose a spouse or child."

The most common experiences of grief includes, shock, depresssion, loneliness, confusion, guilt and anger. Sometimes it can take up to two years before someone who experiences a loss can feel the depth of the hurt and pain. According to Myers, "Some people go into denial while others find it difficult to go on with their lives."

All families experience grief after the loss of a loved one, and in many cases, find it difficult to know where to turn. Two facts remain true; many grief workers who are trying to help, operate without proper training, and second, grieving people crave the knowledge that they are not alone—that someone, somewhere, understands their feelings and will listen.

A Bereavement Session will be offered at St. Anne's Church to assist those who are in need at a time of sadness and loss. Grief shared with others often promotes healing ~ we know that we are not alone. Participants meet in a confidential and non-denominational environment. Meetings will be held on the following Mondays from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the Fr. Minelli Room of the St. Anne's Parish Center: March 26, April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. Please call the Parish office at 786-1421 to register by March 26th.

Additionally, OSF of Escanaba is offering a Hospice Survivor Grief Support Group. Following is the contact information for their service:


OSF Jpg Grief Support



Grief Education


Anyone needing additional information can contact the Skradski Family Funeral Homes in Escanaba at 786-2750 or in Gladstone at 428-3220.